Foosball Images

Here you will find pictures and images related to foosball. If you have a file of interest, and would like it included here, let me know at <>. I have access to a pretty decent scanner so if you think the image is worthwhile you can snail mail it to me and I will put it on. 



Foosball Movies

To get a player for these movies Check out this section at Yahoo.

The Foosball Movie

This is the ultimate foosball Movie. Made in the 80's heyday of foosball. This is a campy and downright silly movie, but hey its about foosball, who can beat that?

A Simpsons episode titled "Lisa's Sax". Homer daydreams that museams have foosball.

* A Cheers Episode with foosball as a subplot. Episode #207 Originally Aired 01/10/1991 Titled "Achilles Hill" Description:  Sam, bedeviled by John Hill, decides to exorcise the demon by dating his daughter; Carla thinks the foosball table is possessed. I happened to catch the last 5 minutes of this episode on tape. So I only have the last minute.  

A Friends Episode. Don't know which one, just happened to tape it.
 (5.7 MEG Quick-Time)
A Movie about how to shoot the snake shot. Pretty big file. Brought to you by Rick Chapman. Thanks Rick.

Assorted Graphics


  • Snake Gift (14k) Compliments of Bill Graham. From his local Paper.
  • Ferrets playing Foosball From Ryan Vickmark. "I got the idea to draw it from the popular "Dogs Playing Pool" Tapestries".
  •  foolorig.gif (11K) Cartoon from England.
  • Tank McNamera (86K) 1973 Universal Press Syndicate
  • Spike the Stuffer From Table Soccer Illustrated. August 1974. Pretty scary Huh?
  • Top Foos From Where the Buffalo Roam Probably the best foosball comic I have ever seen.
  • The Master! and Nice Shot! From Cafe Angst
  • Pictures of Tables

    Tournament Play

  •  Its the Deutsche Meisterschaften 1992 Floor area (44k) Check out how the tables are so light they aren't lined up.
  •  Its the Deutsche Meisterschaften 1992 Pits area (70k) Heavy concentration here.
  • foostour.jpg (82k) Picture I scanned from The Masters Tourney. Check out Big Terry Moore Scoping out the action.
  • Tommy Adkisson Russ King
  • In one of the most exciting final matches of the recent years 18 year old Tommy Adkisson of Oklahoma City and Russ King of New Orleans double-dipped Columbus, Ohio's Steve Beine and Chicago's Don Swan. In the first match of this memorable final, King's fourth game push-kick from goalie and Adkisson's mid-stream switch to his snake shot produced a spine tingling victory. With momentum firmly in their corner, King and Adkisson won 3 straight games in the second match, securing their first World title.
  • Louis Cartwright Shan Coffey
  • They didn't lose a match on their way to an impressive victory. Cartwright the snake shooter from Las Vegas and Coffey the first-year pro from New Orleans defeated top-cop Steve Beine and the always intense Don Swan in a five game final after trailing two games to none. For Cartwright it was his second Masters Doubles victory in a row
  •  1994 WORLD CHAMPS (38k)
  • Todd Loffredo Scott Wydman
  • No one could touch this Dynamic Denver Duo at the 1994 World Championships. Loffredo, perhaps the best player ever, won yet another world title this time with Wydman. John Smith and Eddie Gartman provided a tough opposition for this productive pair but could not keep up with the amazing foosball skills of the phenomenal Loffredo, losing in four games.
  • Johnny Horton Bobby Diaz
  • They left their hearts in San Francisco but took the trophies home with them. At the 1994 Kickoff Classic in beautiful San Francisco, Johnny Horton and Bob Diaz of Tampa, Florida battled their way to an impressive Open Doubles victory. This dynamic duo from the Sunshine State had to overcome the tough tandem of Gregg Perrie and Shan Coffey to win this initial 1994 event.
  •  1994 U.S. OPEN CHAMPS (43k)
  • Chris Dube Merv Srock
  • Although unseeded, nothing could stop this Kansas City foosball machine. No one (except themselves) expected this productive pair of Show-Me State foosers to win this major 1994 event in Minnesota. Dube's Lighting Dull-kick and aggressive overall play along with steady and intelligent goal tending of rising-star Srock produced an unpredictable Open victory
  •  1994 NATIONAL CHAMPS (35k)
  • Tom Yore Casey Pruitt
  • They stormed through the loser's bracket to win one unexpected victory after another. On July 4th weekend in St. Louis, Tom and Casey overcame a variety of obstacles on their way to victory, including a fifth game +2 defeat against the great Todd Loffredo and Scott Wydman in the semi-final. Yore's great defensive forward-play and a clutch goalie effort by Pruitt produced this pair's first National championship.
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