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In order to learn to pass, you will need to learn what you are focusing on while passing. Consider driving a car as a comparison, the goal is to get where you want to go. But, there is an overriding priority not to crash. We would argue it is more important NOT to crash then it is to get where you are going. The same notion applies to passing in foosball. Sure, you want to get the ball to your 3-bar, but you sure as heck do not want to loose the ball back to your opponents 3-bar or have it stolen to his 5-barWith that we present these key concepts of passing, some links to skills and some concepts which are good, but not as important as the KEY concepts.

5-bar defense

Key Concepts of Passing

1. Strategically improve your chances of scoring the ball. Therefore if you score from you 3-bar better then from your 5-bar, we want to get it to our 3-bar.

2. Keep the ball away from the opponents best scoring location. If your opponent is a good shooter from the 3-bar, NEVER let the ball roll back to the opponents 3-bar.

3. Keep possession of the ball. We would rather call timeout then force a pass or rush to action. If you have the ball, you are less likely to be scored on.

4. Keep your confidence and concentration up. A good pass always helps to make a good shot, the opposite seems to be true as well. Playing well feeds on itself. If you are patient and pass well from the 5-bar, you are more likely to be patient and shoot an intelligent shot from the 3-bar.

Some Skills to Study and Learn
Brush Pass

Stick Pass

Catching the Ball

5-Bar Defense, stopping a pass

Passing "Thoughts"
Things to think about and implement if they help your game.

1. When you catch a pass, don't get slack or lazy. Often the ball has a spin or is bouncing a bit and can get away from you. If you stay alert EVERY time, you can stop the ball from getting away.

2. Be patient when "grabbing" control of a ball. Try to use the sides of the figures or the toe to control the ball. The front and the back of the man should be used for brushing or shading the ball in a direction. If you try to catch a ball with the front or back face of the figure, you could easily loose control of the ball. Either stop it with the side of the figure or pin it.

3. Avoid letting the ball bounce off the wall on its own. If a ball has a spin and it hits the wall, it could jump away from you. If you can control a ball before it hits the wall, do so. Now don't get hasty and smack at the ball, but if you have a choice, control the ball when you can. As in soccer, "go to the ball."

4. Be deliberate in your actions. Do not swat lazily at the ball. If you are going to learn to pass and to catch, then learn to pass and catch good, solid, quick passes. Why learn to pass or catch a slow, weak pass when any defense in the world would steal it away?

5. As in all things in foosball, be confident. You are the foos-master. Confidence is amazing. If you are sure the ball is coming to you, you are more likely to grab at it if the pass is deflected. As the great foosball coach said, don't act like this is the first time you have ever made a pass!

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