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Ball off the table...
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1. During a recent tourny the ball bounced off the table hitting \"the black\" then
back onto the playing surface. I stopped play declaring a dead ball in which I was
informed that the ball is in play unless if actually leaves the table and does not
return or bounces on \"the black\" more than once. That sounded pretty stupid to me
but since no one had a rule book I was not able to contest it and could not find an
official to decide. They also stated that if the ball hit the scoreing section and
bounced back in play that it would also not be a dead ball which i though was also

your thoughts?
Thanks - Foos Fanatic

2. Hello, As I researched the rules of the game, I came across your Web site -- (please use this link for the rules now, the other is old.)-- and ran into a discrepancy between your rules and the rules written in my brochure from Sportcraft. Your rules state that a "Ball off the table is given to the team last scored UPON." Sportcraft states that the ball -- an Out of Play Ball (leaves the playing field) -- is returned to play with a serve by the team which originally served the ball. How do I determine which rule I should follow?
John R.

1. Howdy Scott,
The rules say, if the ball goes off the table and touches the top of the side rail or the score marker or a player or any thing else like a light or a soda can, it shall be dead. If the ball goes on the top of the side rail and comes back in, it is still dead.

The trick is if the ball hits the edge of the side rail on the top. We are unable to figure if it hit the inside, or the top. So we use this rule of thumb, if the ball hits the corner 1 time and comes back in, that is okay. If the ball hits the edge 2 times, it must have been the top so it is out of play.

Sound good?

2. Ok, there is some semantics confusion here. The reason for this rule is to definitively say who serves the ball after the ball goes off the table. Both of these wordings, 'team last scored upon' or 'team which originally served the ball' are the same thing, just said differently. Here is the trick of it. Lets say team A scores so team B serves the ball. Here are a couple of scenarios:
1. Team A hits the ball off the table-Team B re-serves the ball.
2. Team B hits the ball off the table (from the 5-row)-Team B re-serves the ball.
3. Team B hits the ball off the table (from the goalie area)-Team B puts the ball in play from the goal area.
4. Now, team B commits a time violation on the 5-bar, so Team A serves the ball. The reason this rule is written to say either the team which "originally" served the ball -or- the team last scored upon is because if you say the team who served the ball, then Team A would get the ball. See, when a penalty causes a team to serve the ball, they only get one serve!!! Tricky!

-stacey, staff and certified official.

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