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1. Hi-
I just got a foosball table at a garage sale for my nephews and no balls were included.

I read that 9 balls are used for play. . . but on the order sites there are many different kinds of ball. Do I want 9 of the same or 9 different or what?!?

Your website is really helpful and I downloaded the rules, but no one seems to answer my very basic question of which balls should I buy and how many?

Thanks a lot,

1b. Very Humorous Follow-up Email
Thanks for your prompt reply- that table says it\'s a Premier Soccer brand. Knowing nothing about foosball, I figured $25 was a great deal.

Ok- here\'s the funny part. I actually thought 9 balls were used at once. . .

I\'m a quick learner, though, and so now I\'m beginning to get it.

Thanks again,


1. Okay, we need to get you the right balls...

First: What brand of table do you have? Try to get the matching balls.

Second: Mixing the balls would be fun

Third: You don't need 9 balls unless you want them. I would buy 9 and only put 3 in the table at a time.

Four: The balls used on pro tour are tornado red foosballs, but that is no big deal. Honestly, enjoy your selection, it really does not matter. Shelti Yellow Dynamo Yellow Bonzini Unique Balls Traditional TS Balls Fun Soccer Balls


1b. One ball only please (at a time :-)
-stacey, staff and certified official

2 more cents on balls... :)
Note: At the high end of American style tables (Tornado, Shelti and Dynamo) balls are a bit heavier then generic ball used on most entry level tables. These heavier balls might cause a little more wear and breakage on entry level tables. At the other end of the pro weight spectrum are the grippier cork balls that are used on French type tables (Bonzini, Rene Pierre) these light balls are "cork" and provide for good grippability (even on lower end tables) but they don't roll perfectly true. In the middle range of foosballs.. you have the plastic type balls with roll pretty good, but are slippery and make for a good ball for non-controlled speedy type of game.
-Jim, staff and certified official

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