#1 Throw the Dice! The 5-Bar

By Foosball Fanatic


Before we get going, let me clarify a few items. This FAQ can be distributed, emailed, faxed and printed by anyone, anywhere. It will be posted occasionally in I do not use a spell checker, and occasionally do not make sense. I'll be referring to the men on the 5-bar as 1-2-3-4-5...the man closest to you being the number one man and the man on the far side of the 5 rod as the number 5 man.


The ball hits 2-1-3
This is the classic shot that took the 5-bar hack from illegitimate to kewl. I give most of the credit to Big Terry Moore for giving this shot such popularity today. Some sticky-butt old farts still think this is a weak shot but I think it is a great shot and you can watch the two best players in the world use it on Jim Stevens 1995 World Championships video. If top pros use it in critical World championships, then I say it's great! This shot works alot better in singles but you can throw in a fast one every once in a while in doubles just depends on how much you like to throw the dice.


The ball hits 4-5-3
Todd Loffredo is perhaps the best at the right hook. It seems 90% of player use a near wall passing series so they never think of shooting a right hook. The shot is just as effective on the far wall, it just hasn't gained in popularity.


The ball hits 2-1-4
Lately players are finding the left hook is getting blocked more and more, sly forwards are adapting this shot by firing off the the number 4 man in an attempt to get around the more sophisticated Left Hook Defenses. It is a little more difficult to shoot because if you are late you hit the wall instead of the goal.


The ball hits 5-3-4
This is my favorite 5-bar. It is named after Tommy Adkisson. I think it was like a 94 tour stop when Tommy was playing Bill Partridge on video for 2nd or better after Partridge took out Terry Moore. The game was even until Tommy lit up Bill with three of these rockets. Bill didn't know what hit him. This shot is so effective yet so under utilized. In fact, I shouldn't even write about ti in a FAQ cause you'll all start overusing it and it will get blocked. The name of the shot is under protest by Steve Mohs...I fired one on Mohs in a practice game and he told me he was the inventor of the shot. This may be true but Tommy is caught on film firing it and it just sounds cooler to call it the "Tommy". The shot works great when you block and opponents shot then bring the ball naturally accross like you would to get ready for your near wall passing series. This shot prints money in singles, and is useful against some doubles teams.


The ball hits 1-3-2
Same as above but reversed. I claim I invented this shot. The shot is so new that I have had much success scoring it because of lack of practice. I believe this shot will never be as effective as the Tommy because if you are a near wall passer, the goalies is camped where you want to shoot. If you're a far wall passer, then this could be your ticket to the pro-master finals!


The ball hits 3-2-4
This is like taking the left hook and shifting it up one man. I just watched Loffredo fire it against Horton on the 94 US Open. It's same as the left hook but more rare and hits more towards the far side of the goal. Very new and could work well for left hookers looking for something new.


The ball hits 3-4-2
Same as above. Never seen it used, maybe I invented it ;). Give it a try and tell me how it works.


The ball hits 1-WALL-1
Here's a great angle shot that looks like a hard wall but come off the wall with steam and angles straight at the hole. Difficult to execute and takes practice to master. You can't just blindly fire it, you have to choose when and where to fire his hack.


The ball hits 5-WALL-5
Same as above and even a little more effective because most people don't pass over there.

Well that's all the 5-Bar L'action I can think of for now. Be ready for the next A.D's FOOSBALL FINATIC FAQ as they become available. Coming Soon
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