By Foosball Fanatic


There's lies, damn lies, and then there's statistics! And I thoroughly enjoy the use of slanted figures to make my points so here goes...I say to you that California is dominating the foosball circuits across the U.S. and therefore you better move here. That way there will be bigger tournaments here and I can save cash on airfair etc ;)

OK, let's look at the 96 WORLDS' OPEN DOUBLES and OPEN SINGLES and let's look at all players who placed in the top 10. Here is the chart...the first column is the state, the next column is the total playesr, the third column is the percentage.

CA	9	25%
CO	6	17%
MN	5	14%
TX	3	8%
IL	3	8%
FL	2	6%
OK	2	6%
USA	2	6%
LA	1	3%
GER	1	3% 
LV	1	3%
AZ	1	3%

Wow! 1 out of 4 players in the top ten was from California and if Big Terry moved back, the onslaught would be devistating. But you say California is the biggest state in the US...True but it is only 10% of the population, yet we are achieving 25% of the top ten...yippee!

So, So, Sewin machine, So what? So move to California...That's what! Let's examine the 3 other Foos strong holds (CO, TX, MN) and see why you should avoid them and relocate in CA:

Colorado: This place is freezing. I think it gets something like 342 feet of snow or something a year. Your arms get so sore from shovelling that you can't play foosball.

Texas: If you live here you are forced to chew tobacco at gun point. And they make you own a big Chevy Truck and get a big beer belly going. I think it's also a requirement to wear big boots and a big hat and live on a oil well or something.

Minnesota: If you think Colorado is cold, this hell-state is 10 times colder. In this state they force you to play road-hockey at a very young age and all that body checking can damage your delicate foos game. You also must wear a toook (sounds like t-u-k) on your head and this can make you look really geeky in the weekly DYP's.

California: Tori Spelling comes to every DYP. There is gold on the street just waiting to be picked up. Many foos pros go on to be famous actors.

Therefore I think you'll agree that CA dominates, and CA is the place to play foosball mon frere ;)