By Foosball Fanatic


The Fanatic is sitting at the computer drinking his favorite concoction of Jimmy Beam and Diet No-name soda...but diet Dr.P is a good choice too. Let me tell you this, "You Need Fast Hands In Singles"! Why? Because there are 26 men out there and if you grab two rods, then the most you can control at one time is "8" (unless you do the lofreddo left hand on 2-rod goalie grab) and that's still only controlling 10 men out of 26!

Is Don Swan Lucky?

No, he is fast....he gets a little chunk out of each and every ball, and this re-directs the ball, and allows him time to get ready to catch, grab, or shoot it! Players create there own luck. Different styles of games create different amounts of chaos. A slow methodic "Jeep" Perrie game will have very little slop, and very little luck. A wide open, pedal-to-the-metal Tommy Atkisson game will have tons of both good and bad luck do to the nature of the style.

So we need to swing luck our way.
We need to increase our hand speed.

Listen Up, here is the secret of life...

keep going down

a little farther

ok, the secret is...


No, the fanatic is not stoned...ok, I admit I'm drunk but let me tell you more. Across the world, foosball is played by many rules and rule variations. One of the fastest games is played in Italy (and probably other places too). Some people refer to it as speed ball. After you play "Italian Rules", you'll think Roller ball is for sissies.

To follow are the rules with some additioanl info of Italian ball that the Fanatic and his buddies follow.

  1. To score, the ball can only come in contact with one man on one rod. This means no push-kicks, no pull-kicks, no razzle dazzle. If the ball is under your 3-rod, to score, you must hit it at the goal.
  2. If the ball touches 2 men on one rod, it must be either passed to the wall to be reset, or passed back or passed forward to a different rod. It cannot be scored after touching a second man.
  3. Maximum 3 second posession per rod
  4. We've added a no passing rule to keep the game fast. Passing is for grandma's.

Here's how to score

  • Hit the ball fast and hard
  • Try lot's of angles
  • Try 3-rod to 5-bar trick shots
  • Goalie rod to 2-bar brushes

The first week you try the game you may think it sucks...but give it time. the game burns tons of calories and it is really a game of getting a person out of position...and hense, he who has the fastest hands wins.

If you keep all your men pointed forward, you will do much better in the beginning.

When a guy goes to hit the ball, you can immidiately block him, or you can delay a 1/10th of a second and then block him. the delay is really key. It's like the whole game is a big BAIT-FEST.

Many players always keep one hand on the goalie.


  1. Ettore Del Pozo
  2. Brian Saldivar
  3. Terry Blanco
  4. The Fanatic
  5. Terry Moore

Let me tell you a story, rumor has it that at the 1994 Worlds, crusty old Ettore Del Pozo challenged Terry Moore to an Italian Rules Championship. The game was massive as the wild play attracted hundreds of spectators ;) When the smoke cleared...Moore edged out Ettore 5-3 final game.

I'd rank Moore higher, but there's been heavy italian rule play in Cucamonga since then, and play strategy has improved greatly.

Also, I believe the Fanatic has secretly seen Lofreddo and Cartwright play Italian Rules...perhaps they can fill us in if this is a game they practice.

The Fanatic says at least 29.9% of your practice should be Italian Rules! 2.99 are you out of your sombrerro? Yes

See you at the Worlds kiddies.

P.S. Predicitons for the worlds to create interest, controversy and flames

  • 1. California will dominate
  • 2. The Snake will sting the pull
  • 3. Record Turn-out in open singles
  • 4. Open Sigles final...King Groovie vs. Jeep
  • 5. Open Doubles Final The Big Man + partner vs. the Duke + partner

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