By Foosball Fanatic


First, I want to apologise for that swear-fest in Fanatic 15...oh sure it was fun, but unecessary, but I was frustrated in the DYP scene across the West. And I also wanted to clear up that I don't hate "splitting"...I hate slow tournaments that force every dyp final into a split since things go way too late.

Every year the Fanatic like to statistically prove CA dominated the worlds... but this year it's a struggle to say the least. I had to call Sinclair Hawkins for some quality advice.

Sinclair said "Fanatic, you gotta count the people that were borned and raised in CA!".

The Fanatic then asked the foos ambasador "Can you give a hint on who the REAL Californians are?"

Sinclair replied "Why certainly, first, you gotta say Terry Moore, is really a San Diegan at heart. And Louis, well he lives only 23 miles away, so he's like actually a Californian"

Fanatic "really? I see. Hey Sinclair, please tell me of more of the great Californians"

Sinclair "Chris Dube is a Northern CA player, along with Thor, they are just visiting friends out of state at the time of the Worlds"

With this new indormation in hand, the Fanatic was loaded for bear. He took the top OPEN Events... OPEN DOUBLE-SINGLES-MIXED-WOMENS'SINGLES-WOMEN'S DOUBLES and then gave 3 points for 1st, 2 points for second, 1 point for third... and here's the results

  • California 12
  • Oklahoma 11
  • Florida 7
  • Illinois 6
  • Colorado 5
  • Texas 2
  • Belgium 2
  • Washington 1
  • Alabama 1

Hey players, there are Babes like in BayWatch on every corner, the streets have gold just waiting to be picked up, and it only rains 12 times a year and it's only cloudy 14 times a year. Improve your foos game and Get a tan in CA. Don't delay, get your ticket today!

Special thanks to Hawkins for helping fudge the figs.

Hey Fanatics, thanks for reading, and if your on the web, please check out the whole Foosball Fanatic Collection at FANATIC and check out our new sponsor: Real Live Babes

Bye for now A.D. the Foosball Fanatic