By Foosball Fanatic


This info can be distributed, emailed, faxed and printed by anyone, 
anywhere. It will be posted occasionally in I do not 
use a spell-checker, and frequently do not make sense. These are my 
theories on the art of foosball. I have no scientific studies or data to 
back up these ideas but I think you'll find them logical and useful. 

The Fanatic was at the Hall Of Fame Classic, when all of a sudden, he 
found himself up 4-0 to Thor "The Hammer" Donavan. 4-0 is the strangle 
grip of death. But Donovan just brushed back his hair, did some 
grunting, and played hard...really hard. This guy was INTENSE....and he 
proceeded to steam roll the Fanatic to a 5-4 loss. The Fanatic went 
crying home to his mommy. What does Donavan and other Pro Master 
have....they have great Intensity. 


Pro Masters have the ability to focus on the the bracket, the match, the 
game, the point, the serve, the ball. They are focused on that ball. And 
they can focus on that ball for long periods of time over several days. 
The Fanatic can focus on the ball for a point or two, but after that 
he's thinking about when to buy the next beer or what porn movie he's 
going to select that night back in the hotel room. If you want to be a 
Pro Master, always think about if you are focused on the ball at hand, 
and always try to stay focused, concentrating on small parts of the 
game, doing what needs to be done to move the ball down the play field, 
setting it up, then taking a high percentage shot. 


Some people call it "wanting it", some call it "digging in" but the 
Fanatic likes to call it "Controlled Adrenalin". When you're intense, 
you are pushing your body, coordination and strength to that next level. 
Like Spinal-Tap, you are turning your amp to 13, one past twelve. Pro 
Masters have the ability to keep there body and minds at this elevated 
level of play for longer periods of time. Keep telling yourself to stay 
pumped or hungry or whatever...just continually tell it to 
yourself...every ball, every 10 seconds, and say it to your partner 
often to to help each other stay at a higher game. 


To really be intense focus on the phlegm on the ball, keep your 
adrenalin up AND try to think ahead! Greg Perrie used to right about 
this in the old Inside Foos. Wherever the ball is, take a guess where 
you think it is headed next, put 100% of your concentration on 1-2 of 
your men in that area, and be ready to pounce like a cat as soon as the 
ball moves. You will guess the right area over half of the time and you 
will be your opponents to the punch. This really will help your game and 
your intensity as you get ready to attack each lose ball. 

Intensity or longer periods of intensity will help you win more games 
and will help you win those especially close games. 

The Fanatic 

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