Again the fanatic is fucking pissed off, not because of 3am DYP this time, but because of a post that caught my attention last week. The fanatic loves to say "I told you so".

Along time ago on the net when AOL had only 2 million members, there was a rebellion. The evil foos right wingers wanted to change the name of the newsgroup. Did you know that was originally The vocal do-gooders thought the name was wrong...they had the following arguements.

1. rec groups get better distribution with IPs
2. globally, not everyone calls it "foosball"
3. subuteo need to be included

The Fanatic faught hard against these faulty arguements but was crusified and the voting went 10 to 1 against people that said "leave the group as"

Well the fucking proof is right here! (from earlier post and

                        Actual readers of this group: 4600
                        Average number of messages per day: 3
                        Kilobytes per day: 10k
                        Percentage of Internet sites who receive this
group: 45%
                        Crossposting: 5%
                        Actual readers of this group: 5300
                        Average number of messages per day: 1
                        Percentage of Internet sites who receive this
group: 42%
                        Crossposting: 36%
First, the distribution is almost even...45% to 42%...I'd call that a tie and I bet if the group had left things alone and promoted foosball, distribution of the one gorup would of been 50%+

Secondly, the Fanatic is very disturbed to see 5,300 readers look at each day and see nothing...they think foosball is dead. Whay do they look there...BECAUSE WE ALL CALL IT FUCKING FOOSBALL! WE DON'T CALL IT FANCY-PRANCY TABLE SOCCER. Ifthe Fanatic was going to do a search on dejanews...he'd search FOOSBALL. The group is missing 5,000+ new people every day because of this stupid political move to change the name to

Thirdly, besides swearing alot, the Fantic has 3 websites. The Fantic checks the WebTrend log files of his sites every day to see where people surf from...guess what...they all come from FUCKING AMERICA! Where we fucking call the game foosball. And there is no logic in saying that europeans would understand table soccer over foosball. They call it fusball or babyfoot or a million other things. Why even try to satisfy the rest of the world when 90% of all cash prizes in foosball are in the God Damn USA! And 90% of web surfers are in the US.

Fourth, again, what the hell is subuteo and why does the Fanatic give a rats ass? It's like saying bridge is the same as Texas Hold'em...let's combine the two groups...get these two groups SEPERATED....ya gotta keep'em sperated!

There is no logic that can discount the readership figures above. The FANATIC says, if you love foosball, and you like the net, and you agree with the radical yet logical fanatic, please return to the days of posting in The rest of the world will find us more easily. To start, cross post between the two groups and then just post in

The bitter, yet triumphant fanatic