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What Foosball is Better...
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1. I am contacting you because you are an expert at foosball according to I just bought a "brown top" $1,000,000 Tournament Table. What is the best type of foosball for this table? I am a novice. I've seen reddish balls, white balls, soccer (black and white) balls, and even orange balls for sale. Is a "machine ground" ball better than the others? There's a lot of great information on your site. I can't wait to learn more. (Shelti ball)
Thanks for the advice.
Tom Z.

2. i have a sportcraft table with single goalie would ibe able to use tornado brand balls on my table my email is some insight would be appreciated. (sure)


-I encourage you to get either Shelti balls or Tornado red balls.
-Tumbled balls are better. Many of the non-competition balls are not even or warble, that sucks to play with. On the other hand they are kind of funny to watch them roll across the table!
-All balls will get dirty after a couple weeks or so, then they will be slick, what you do is buy 6 new balls every two months. That's about $20 every 2 months. Then you use the balls in a mixed basis, some new balls and some old balls. This way you will have experience on new and older balls.
Hope this helps,

-stacey, staff and certified official

1. Is it legal to shoot the ball into the goal right after you serve it? (yes)

2. Me and my brother were playing a game and he was the only one that touched it and it went in his goal ( it went backwards) does that score count? Please respond with the answer. (yes)
Chris Perry.

3. Hi there! I have a couple quick questions about foos rules...
Upon the initial serve (or any serve), is it legal for a team to shoot directly into the goal from the 5 man rod without any other player touching the ball. For example, if I'm on the blue team, and I serve the ball myself to my own 5 man & shoot the ball in without anyone else touching the ball, is it a goal? (yes)
Also, if only the 5 man rods touch the ball from the initial serve (basically giving the ball back & forth to each other), then one scores directly without anyone else touching the ball, is that a legal goal? (yes)
I used to always play that the ball had to be touched by another rod on the same team other than the 5 man rod before any goal counted, but now I'm not sure that's correct... (wrong)
Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)
Nate S.

4. (Continued from Question 3-3)...One other question does the ball have to touch both teams to be considered a goal (No, just the serving team). Thanks for your time.
Lance G.

5. Regarding this Rule: Serve the ball through the hole any way you want, but you must touch the ball with a man before you score. Does that mean that you can not score on the very first hit after a serve? (Yes! The ball must hit the table FIRST, then the serving team (the defense does not need to) must touch it at least one time and then it would be a legal score.)

6. If I serve with spin and I do not touch the ball with my player but the opponent touches the ball and it then goes into their goal does this count as a goal? (No) Thanks,


The ball must touch the table surface first, before either team can touch it. Also, if you spin the ball when you serve it, you the offense, must touch the ball before it scores on the other team or else it is not legal. So, the ball must touch the table play surface before anyone hits it and the serving team must touch the ball before they can score it on the defense. Trick question: if the team serving the ball spins it so much it goes into their OWN goal, well that would count!

See the official rule on this subject.

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