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Wearing a Brace, Using Wraps or Powder/Rosin...
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1. Hello, First I want to thank you all for this great resource, it has been very helpful to me. (Thanks) My question has to do with wearing a brace. I keep re-injuring my wrist shooting a pull and I found out yesterday that wearing a wrist wrap seems to keep me from hurting myself more. (Many players wear one) I wanted to make sure that it is legal to wear such a device while playing. (Yes) It is a bit of a handicap as it limits the movement I can make with my wrist but it is better than not being able to play at all. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work.


Rule 17 states you can use just about anything to aid you in playing. I guess you could attach a steering wheel to the handle if you wanted. Whatever you do to your own body is your business. There are a couple rules you must be aware of:
1. If you use powder or rosin, or a wrap of athletic tape on the wrap, it must leave no residue or anything behind. If it does you have to clean it off. If you can't clean it off in 30 seconds you will not be able to use it anymore.
2. Dress code: There is a dress code in most tournaments. So I guess if you wanted to wear something that violated the dress code that would be bad. A good example of this is my partner regularly wants to take his shoes off when he plays. This often violates the dress code and therefore is illegal.

Read the full rules for more details.

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