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Official Table, Size, Number of Men, Etc...
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1. I've seen foosball tables with the goalie rod having 1 player and 3 players - which is the official foosball table setup? Thanks,
James W.

2. What should the height be from the floor to the middle of each rod? (Varies by table, about 3") Is there an official height? (Lots of tables out there)
Thanks in advance,

3. Hi, I had a question that maybe you could answer. I set up a foosball table for my brother, but it was a little bit different than one I played in the bar all the time. The one in the bar had two guys on the goalie stick and 3 on the defense stick where as my brother's had 3 guys on the goalie stick and 2 on the defensive stick. Can you tell me if there is an actual rule (no rule) about how many guys are on what stick and where they need to go.
Please help, thanks!

1. 3 goalies or only 1. Okay, this is a sticky area. Within reason, you can play on any table you want, there are tournaments on all kinds of tables. Basically any type of table is ok. The 3 goalie thing came about to do away with ramps in the corner. The ramps were there to keep the ball from getting stuck or "dead" in the corners. Problem was it caused balls to fly up off the table, so away it went.

2. Table dimensions: So many tournament quality tables, so little time. Don't get caught up in the table, it is all about the game. If you want, take a look at our "build your own table" section. It has all kinds of dimensions and the like.

3. Here is the basic setup for table ROD layout:
goalie (1 man or 3 men, all the same)
2 row
5 row
3 row (this is longer then the goalie rob by about 2 inches)


'Tornado/USA type table'
These dimensions are a very good building block for a table.

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