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General Chat / Re: I'd like to get a very high quality table
« Last post by MancaveDude on March 13, 2024, 07:05:43 AM »

What do you recommend?

If in 1. you are referring to sloped corners then you can get a Leonhart.

For example the Leonhart Tournament Foosball table.

If you are not looking to break the bank then you can check out Roberto Sport
For example the Roberto Sport Top Speed table
General Chat / Foosball Tips: Mastering the Bank Shot Technique
« Last post by lepeshads on March 07, 2024, 11:47:12 PM »
Hey Foosball enthusiasts,

I've been working on improving my foosball game lately, and I wanted to share some tips on mastering the bank shot technique. The bank shot can be a game-changer if executed correctly, so let's dive into some pointers:

Angle and Placement: The key to a successful bank shot is understanding the angles of the foosball table. Practice hitting the ball at the right angle to deflect it off the wall and into the goal. Aim for the corners or the sides of the goal for optimal placement.

Timing and Control: Timing is crucial when attempting a bank shot. Wait for the ball to come to a stop or slow down before executing the shot. Use controlled force to ensure the ball doesn't rebound too far off the wall, giving your opponent a chance to counter.

Practice Makes Perfect: Like any other foosball technique, mastering the bank shot requires practice. Spend time honing your skills and experimenting with different angles and velocities to find what works best for you.

Anticipate Opponent Moves: Keep an eye on your opponent's defense and position your players accordingly. Look for openings and anticipate their movements to set up the perfect bank shot opportunity.

Stay Calm and Focused: In the heat of the game, it's easy to get flustered and rush your shots. Stay calm, focus on your technique, and execute the bank shot with confidence.

I hope these tips help elevate your foosball game and lead to some epic bank shot goals. Feel free to share your own insights and experiences with the bank shot technique!

Happy foosing!
General Chat / Re: I'd like to get a very high quality table
« Last post by Suldatime00 on March 03, 2024, 08:20:42 PM »
Any idea?
General Chat / I'd like to get a very high quality table
« Last post by Suldatime00 on March 01, 2024, 02:52:01 AM »
I'd like to get a very high quality table, but I have a couple of apparently unusual requirements.
# 1 I'd like one goalie with ramped corners. I'm sick of balls bouncing off the two side goalies into the goal.
# 2 I'd like EITHER end ball returns or dual side ball returns, but not a single side ball return.

The Tornado T 1000 can't do # 2
The Tornado Elite and Sport can do # 2 but apparently can't do # 1.
The Tornado Classic can't do either.

What do you recommend?
General Chat / Foosball Planet
« Last post by Jeremcol on February 29, 2024, 03:36:43 PM »
Has anyone purchased a foosball table from this company?
General Chat / Any advice
« Last post by Upoessiond1938 on February 29, 2024, 05:14:36 AM »
Hi all,
I've recently purchased a foosball table for my family and the kids have requested that I paint the players.  Just wondering if anyone has experience with this and is willing to provide some recommendations?  I imagine paint could easily chip off during game play if not done correctly.  The players are Garlando plastic fused onto the rods.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
General Chat / Re: Live Tornado Tournament Streaming and videos
« Last post by betterwound on February 28, 2024, 02:08:01 AM »
So asking if you want to check out our Raleigh NC Tornado tournament streaming and past videos
Check out YouTube channel doodle jump

So 28 players have subscribed to my YouTube channel
still need 22 to subscribe it is free and hopefully, I can get 50 people if so then I can live stream to YouTube they require 50 subscribers before you can live stream
Twitch is what I have to use until then and then I have to manually upload to YouTube which takes a long time
Twitch only keeps videos for 7 days but YouTube has no time limit
Please subscribe it is FREE
Twitch Snookers Raleigh NC Tornado Foosball
I found a really good channel, thank you for sharing
Rules Questions / Re: Dead Ball rule
« Last post by bolt115 on February 27, 2024, 10:52:15 AM »
Seems like a good plan,   how did it go?   Rules similar to  ITSS are more common so i am guessing that is how you are playing? Though no reason you can't have a 2nd tourny with your preferred rules.

Only one touch per rod, if the ball is stopped/controlled it must hit the wall before being advanced via a pass or shot
No passing is allowed along the same bar or any lateral moves such as push or pull shots are allowed
If the ball is pinned it is re-served (thrown down the middle to hit the back wall in doubles or restarted from defense in singles)
In singles when shooting from defense, lifting of the midfield or forward men is not allowed
General Chat / Re: 1940's sportlux foosball Table parts needed
« Last post by ablecarelesse on February 26, 2024, 10:30:26 PM »
Hi would anyone have any parts for a 1940's sportlux foosball Table
I need a new pitch and some new feet to adjust the height
Based in the UK cluster rush
Would also be interested in anyone based in the UK who could restore the table?

Yes, I have some pitchs and feets for 1940's sportlux foosball Table. PM me if you want them.

Do you know where to buy individual parts for this soccer table? I'd be happy if you could provide me with information.
Rules Questions / Re: Dead Ball rule
« Last post by levisn1 on February 23, 2024, 06:20:56 AM »
Yes it is legal in ITSF rules.  Just look up a few matches on  and you will see people that shoot a "pull" shot which is exactly what you describe.  That does not make you wrong just different rules.  Maybe explain how you play and alternate which rules you are playing by?  I would equate to boxing vs kick boxing...the playing environment is the same but a significant rules difference.

Thank You for your answer,
as we are going to have the annual tournament in the office, i'd like to approach the problem like this, once all participants are confirmed, i'd create a poll to vote on which style to play with.
Italian Style, ITSF with pull shoots and hooks, snakes shoot, stop and shoot and so on, so that at least during the tournament it's clear what is allowed and what not, what do you think?
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