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Do you know what I mean? Also looking for some outside bearings & 2 ashtrays for the DM. Might be willing to work out a deal/trade. vscr888group
General Chat / Tornado Foosball Bearing Nut Dimensions? Leg bolt size?
« Last post by JJRMVD on June 25, 2020, 01:42:38 PM »
Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a coin-op tornado foosball table (T2000, brown marble, I think), and I will need to take it apart to transport it in my vehicle. Rather than spending money ordering a tornado bearing/bushing wrench, I would like to 3D print my own bushing wrench. For that reason, I need to know: what size hexagon is the bushing? (E.g. 1 in across the flats?) The tool I want to 3D print is this one. Amazon says the package is 1x2x5 inches.

I do have pliers to use if necessary, but I'd rather not goober anything up. I have a 5/32" pin punch (from a set I will bring, so I have smaller and larger) that I planned to use for removing the men if I need to.

A second question is if anyone knows what size socket wrench I will need to take the legs off, and what size I will need to take the top off of the cabinet. I may be able to fit it into my vehicle with just the top playing field off, but I'd like to be able to take the legs off also, in case that is necessary. Any information is appreciated!
General Chat / Re: Bonzini on outside covered porch
« Last post by kgstewar on June 22, 2020, 04:50:31 PM »
If you are looking at a B-90, I think you are going to have warped wood and rusted rods. Although the exterior of the table is finished, the interior is not. If you purchase a B-60, you can open up the table and apply a sealer to the inside of the wood and the bottom of the play surface. That should slow down the warping but the rods will need constant maintenance to avoid rust.
General Chat / Re: Bonzini on outside covered porch
« Last post by alaskan thunder on June 20, 2020, 11:37:21 PM »
If you are really ocd about covering and keeping it dry, you might be able to squeeze a few years out of it. If not, it will be warped in a few months. I think Garlando makes and outdoor table. Maybe look at that?
General Chat / Bonzini on outside covered porch
« Last post by Telescopic_Rod on June 19, 2020, 10:13:42 PM »
Hi all,

I am considering purchasing a Bonzini table but the only space I have for it is on an outside covered porch. I am in coastal North Carolina and it gets pretty humid here spring through fall. Any thoughts on if it is possible to maintain a table kept in unconditioned open air are appreciated. I searched the forum and only found one old thread about keeping a Tornado table outside but I'm not familiar enough with them to know if they are similar to Bonzini. It would be on a large covered porch completely out of the rain and sunlight. I am 4 miles inland from the ocean as the crow flies so salt air won't be an issue. My thought was to keep it covered with the cover Bonzini sells and keep either damp rid or a small electric dehumidifier under the cover when not in use to try to manage humidity.  I grew up playing Bonzini and Rene Pierre tables and my area has a pretty strong foosball scene at the beach bars, I really want this table to be able to practice and teach my kids, but I just don't have any other viable option to keep it in an air conditioned space. Thanks for your opinions.
Does anyone have a DM with the right side coin box ?
Iíd like to get the dominions and picture so I can fabricate one
General Chat / Re: New Foosball Documentary on Kickstarter
« Last post by jmyers on June 12, 2020, 04:27:53 PM »
Very cool. I'll have to check that out. Been a long time since I've seen Todd, Mike and those guys. That will be fun.

General Chat / Re: New Foosball Documentary on Kickstarter
« Last post by ShopTeacher on June 12, 2020, 11:45:44 AM »
Tonight on ESPN 7pm ET
Deutscher Meister late 50s early 60s Restoration in process - original parts

Our DM/ Patterson is fully disassembled currently we are polishing all the rods to a mirror finish , this will remove all the rust and mild pitting.

We are in need of a few original parts
1. Original DM ashtrays - 2
2. Internal metal piece that holds the balls back

If you have the second item and donít want to sell it - if you could supply pictures and measurements we can fabricate it.

Thanks in advance
General Chat / Tornado T-2000 For Sale Raleigh, NC
« Last post by kgstewar on June 12, 2020, 07:09:46 AM »
Mint condition T-2000, split cabinet, no coin. Mahogany cabinet, new bearings, clear side strips, most men are new style, lots of spare parts.
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