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grand forks, sorry for any confusion

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I just stumbled across this forum and am super-excited!! I work over at Microsoft in Fargo, and we have a group of around 14 active players ranging from beginner to pretty decent players. We play each day at lunch on the Tornado table at work.

We have been talking for the past month about getting some kind of tournament or league setup in Fargo. I know I would also be up for traveling to Grand Forks or possibly Bismarck to even play. Please contact me if anyone out there is organizing anything. My e-mail is:

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 I want next tourney details when is the next big tourney.

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Hey everyone...I am a student at North Dakota State University (NDSU) and we have just started a foosball league in Fargo.  We play every other Saturday at the Bison Turf (Next tourney is 3/21/09) .  It's been a pretty small event thus far, but we'd like to change that.  We have Monster energy drink and the bar "sponsoring" us so there are some small prizes, as well as bar tabs given away and that type of thing. We are still trying to get things organized, and would love to have some new players join us.  The age group of our players is everywhere from 21 to 50+ and all sorts of skill levels, so there is a lot of variance in game play. I've been playing up here for about 3 years and haven't found anybody as good as the players at the Turf in the Fargo area.  So far, the format we have been using is as follows:  $10 buy-in, Draw your partner, Double elimination, All matches are best 2 out of 3 games.  As I said, we are still working out the bugs in our league, so the last few times have basically just been a tourney.  If we could, we would like to get an ongoing league with a point system and an end of session tournament.  If anyone is interested in joining us, please feel free to contact me at  Hope to see some of you there!

P.S. : Thursdays are the unofficial "Fooze Night" at the Bison Turf, so if you're just looking for some competition, stop on by!


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Not sure if anyone here checks this bug here is a link to our Monday night Bismarck league:
Any questions call or text Dave Vacha (701)729-2848

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Since this site archived the state categories we've decided to switch.  If you play in North Dakota please join our group: