Ohio (Cincinnati) VIFA foosball league

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Ohio (Cincinnati) VIFA foosball league
« on: October 30, 2008, 11:22:18 PM »
Cincinnati, OH VIFA League is getting organized for fall.

Check out the thread on for more information. Out of town foosers are welcome...I usually offer up my house to host for the weekend to help people who want to play league but don't have one in their area (if I know you or know someone who knows you!). I post on foosworld when that offer is open.

Our foosball league offers no prize money, but each time you play you get one entry into an end-of-season raffle.  This keeps the league fun and not cutthroat.  We are thinking of doing a DYP format on Fridays and a Full Team League format on Saturday...which includes Goalie Wars, Forward Shoot Out, Roto Doubles, Open Doubles, and Singles! 

This is a handicapped league, so all skill levels can feel more competitive!  We welcome all players of all skill levels!  Whether you have played tournaments or before, if you enjoy foosball, come check out our league!

Again, read the thread on for more details!

Any questions?  Please feel free to email me at melfoos1 -at- aol -dot- com.