Foosball: is it a sport?

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Re: Foosball: is it a sport?
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Following that line of thougth, if Starcraft, Call Of Duty and Counter Strike are considered e-sports then nose picking should be an Olympics sport xD

Being serious then, I consider Foosball a sport because it involves phsysical ability and mental ability to master and it is well organize. We even have a World Cup where more than 40 countries participated!!

Re: Foosball: is it a sport?
« Reply #16 on: October 23, 2012, 11:34:18 PM »
Last week during our league match, I was sweating, out of breath, and sore by the end of the night. You don't get that from a game.

Re: Foosball: is it a sport?
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Precisely  ;)

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As much as we want foosball to be a SPORT, albeit highly competitive, it's still a game. Sport is defined by strict rules of conduct and YES, DRUG TESTING. Just look what happened to Lance Armstrong recently. Every true sport does drug testing, at very least of the top placing money winners.

Drug use, all types, including some really bad stuff, runs rampant in the game of foosball and always has. Everyone who has ever played in foosball tourneys has won and lost to players on drugs, including major championships. I'm sick of just letting it pass when everyone in the room knows who is on what! It's a disgrace to the game, and absolutely robs legitimate clean players of their rightful winnings!

Testing kits are now inexpensive, reliable and should be on site at all medium to major tournament events. If they player fails a drug test, give a second test at the players expense, if both failed they should lose their winnings, and award to the next runner up, including championship winners.

I don't see any professional sports that don't at least have the policy of random testing, and certainly testing of monetary winners. This process would be a solid step forward in cleaning up the game, and finally rewarding non drug using players. There would be some hurt feelings at first, but who really cares about their feelings if someone is winning by cheating!

I've played this game for 30+ years and what is in the past is past. Every veteran player has been in the tournaments with wild eyed players jacked up on who knows what! We have watched them mow through clean players, and win the prize money and championships. You always wonder if they could have done that without the illegal performance enhancing drugs? We will never know, but now we need to know. I love this game but not the drugs! Clean up the illegal drug use and the game is one step closer to becoming a SPORT!

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Wow I had no idea :S That really is not the way to go. We need then more strict regulations regardind drug use, at least there should be a random anti doping test.

Fortunately for me in Mexico Table Soccer is registered as a sport :) We just need the whole world to recognize it.


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as a player that started playing back in the early 70's I can guarantee my wins were mostly chemically induced, dont get me wrong, at that time you better have been under the influence of something, as is back the, white cross for the old schools like, the real Black Beauties ,byteatmein 20's , then as the years went on coke was always a good choice. now the new generation has the powerful crystal meth (ice). Now at my age, and having played my share under these meds, i perfer to play clean,yea, im slower,alot but at my age you got to be crazy like a fox. Real skill over speed trumps in most cases, not all but most, After a while i would suppose ur wrist will be as bad as mine are from the gofaster you chose.  Anyway my preference- play clean and enjoy the sport for what it is....JEFF


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Yes, foosball is a sport.

Drug testing is a bad idea. Back in the 70's and 80's a lot, if not most, of the tournament players smoked weed for the fun of it and it didn't give them an unfair advantage. It probably hurt them but they were having fun so who cares. I'm sure it still goes on today. I know for a fact that some champions were doing cocaine and were successful, but they weren't successful because they were on coke, they won because they were good players. If I go to a tournament and I'm told to take a drug test, I'll tell the tournament staff to go to hell and never go to another foosball tournament. This whole drug war insanity has gone to far and I hope the foosball community doesn't surrender to the madness and start hassling the players about what they're on. Stand up for freedom and dignity, foosers, and leave people alone. If someone on drugs beats you it's because they outplayed you.

It's bad enough that I have to piss in a bottle to get a job, I'll be damned if I'll suffer the humiliation of pissing to qualify to play in a foosball tournament.

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Re: Foosball: is it a sport?
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Yes it has obtained sport status with the IOC. However, in the USA, foosball hasn't achieved such with the USOC which determines what activities are sport in the US. Foosball is a recognized sport in France and in Italy and maybe a few other countries around the world.  There is a push to make foosball a sport in the USA for the paralympics.  It is recognized by the FBICB, you can read about it here:

You can find out more at

When I played on the US team in France, one of the coolest parts was watching the guys in wheelchairs play. 

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Drug use, all types, including some really bad stuff, runs rampant in the game of foosball and always has.

I think "Lets move this game forward" has hit on the answer to why Foosball is not taken seriously or has been considered as an Olympic sport candidate.  Foosball remains a bar game that embraces drugs during play.  Foosball is an amusement for drug users.   People have always gotten high and played Foosball.  Before Foosball can be considered as a sport and not just a bar game, Professional Foosball will have to eliminate drug use from competition, this includes alcohol.   If Profession Foosball wants to be treated like a sport, it has to act like one.  This means drug testing, and penalties for drug use.  This opinion is probably going to be widely disliked, but it is the reason Foosball is still considered a bar game. 
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