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The way you have to look at this is, where can you get this information otherwise? That is, without going through all the life experiences that you have had. Foosball grabs a person due to the nature of the sport. It allows anyone to be a force no matter their stature. It allows one's spirit and will to speak out saying ,"This is who I am!" Many put in the hours of practice needed to develop the physical skills only to fall short when it counts. Your book and CD's will offer them the rest of the equation. That is why you must do it. Even though you might profit some from it, you are also giving back to the sport and that is a good thing. Make it a good read, friend to friend in easy to understand terms. I look forward to see what you come up with.

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Chaos and reorganization

Chaos Theory is an interesting scientific concept which seeks to explain how the universe works. Here is a brief explanation of my limited understanding of it. Please be patient. I promise you will see how this all fits in to my stuff.

When an object is exposed to some sort of energy from its environment, it has no choice but to react. And every object has a point at which the input is greater than its ability to absorb the incoming energy (threshold). When this happens, the object goes in to “chaos”. It ceases to exist in its previous form, and immediately reorganizes into something else.

So what is it that makes us, the ultimate “open” system, different from the rock?
1)   Genie. Our amazing super computer. (unconscious mind)
2)   Our input device – keyboard (conscious mind)
3)          Our machine - body
3)   Spirit / soul / the witness (operator)
4)   The ability to choose how we program Genie!

For our purposes, we will describe the point at which we begin to go in to chaos, approaching our threshold, as feeling overwhelmed.

So here we go:

From the moment we were born we began programming Genie. All these programs (millions) comprise who we are today. Most of our major programs, the ones that determine our core beliefs, values and many other things, were written before age 11, when we did not know how to control this programming. As a result, our mentors (parents, teachers etc.) determined many of our core beliefs and values. This meant that if our mentors had dysfunctional programs that created suffering in their lives (97% of all people), we had no choice but to learn them. Unless we were lucky enough to have had good mentoring (3% of all people), we have carried these “suffering” programs throughout our lives. Remember that while these programs may have worked to keep us safe in our family environment, many are not functional once we got out in the real world.

Every time something happens that challenges one of these beliefs or values, we begin to experience overwhelm (approach chaos), and we have developed the habit of allowing our genie to control our actions and emotions. Once we switch to “unconscious mode” this all happens out of our awareness!

The net result of all this is that many of us spend much of our lives suffering, emotionally and physically, due to dysfunctional beliefs and values formed when we had no control of them.

So the seekers learned a way of thinking that allowed them to manipulate the world of the mind. They learned that they could manipulate “reality” to create what they desired in the material world. But no matter how much material success they created, they found that much of the time they still did not have peace and happiness in their lives. Yet a few individuals did seem to have material success, peace and happiness. A small group of the seekers, who became known as “mystics”, realized that there had to be something else. Something beyond the world of the mind that allowed the ultra successful people to deal with all the adversity that was present, thus remaining happy and peaceful in spite of whatever may happen. The rest of this information will be about what the "mystics" learned.

Level Three – The Witness / Spirit / Soul

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Cool, we're still going! I got a feeling that this level Three is going to be interesting,,,

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Hey John, Great playing last weekend at the Birthday Bash. Scott and Randy were the only team that beat us. They beat us for 1/2 the winners side and lost to you and David in the winners bracket mach. Then they beat us again for the losers bracket, only for you and David to beat them again. Good job after such a long drive!


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thanks paul. the old blind hog thing

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I really liked how Ron Artest spoke last night after Game 7 on how he worked with his therapist in controlling his axiety at stressful moments.  He was able to describe in recent terms what he was thinking before shooting a key 3 pointer at a very high stress moment.

In is 4-4 last game and you are in goalie and have to either clear or shoot.  The opposing forward is providing a level of stress with their defense and it looks like all holes are closed.  This stress can cause a turnover, a stuff, but if you have the calm approach you execute and relize they are also in stress.

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Screw the results. Relish the process

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OK let's once again explore the side of this sport that sets some apart from others. Why can some just dominate while others with horrendous skills don't? I watch Zeke videos and he is so clean and precise in his executions, so where is he? I mean he just oozes what we all want to be able to do, a total talent, yet we get the same old few on top. What is it? What set's them apart? Some of us make it a life and death matter and, while making it a good reason to forsake all else in the pursuit of our sport, they lose the "relax factor" which allows total free play. Sometimes we seem to forget that this game is fun. I think that that is the answer, make it fun with all the skills you can muster. Just exhibit yourself and your skills and enjoy!

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Big points, big blocks, big decisions, and big execution, all made at big times. What you might not understand is the separation of ranks and what seperates them. Zeke is a " very good " player and was an excellent semi pro, especially in singles. However, now he has entered a new rank, the highest level of play, pro and master. What you must understand now is that he has to learn how to play all over again. Now even the lowest ranked pro might present a problem where the lowest ranked semi pro would be a joke to his game. Also, now that he is a pro, other pros will scout his game and have answers to the problems that his game will present.

So for right now, Zeke is gonna have to retool his game mentally to be successful at this new level and this usually does not happen overnight. Right now he doesn't have the experience at this level against players as good and better than he is. Given his dedication and hunger for the game, I don't doubt he will make a break through.

And at the pro level, you don't play for fun. You play to win because " winning " is fun. This is the difference you must understand.

from the other Zeke :)

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do you have fun because you are winning, or are you winning because you are having fun?

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in my opinion, you play to win, if zeke feels he can perform to a higher level he probably can, just like anybody else,

nobody goes out there to lose or just to have fun, everyone goes out there to Win and enjoy themself winning, exceeding everything behind u to be the best at what you do, winning isnt the reason we play foosball is a small factor, its Being great or nothing,

In everything we do... if u think you cant do it you cant, if you think you can do it, u probably can... but if you dont know what to think about when this pops in your head .... your probably just thinking about it and itll pass you by...

Confidence is everything... U completeled level 1 zeke which is semi or level 2 what ever u call it.. now its level 3 how to take what you learned maximize its eficiency...

now u might not know me... and ive never met you... we will eventualy meet i garantee it... but When you know how to win... the hardest thing in the end is to always win... ;)

Just remember that...  and if you dont understand...that answer lies within  yourself understand the reason why then u will know why , and how... then it comes to where and when...then comes to who...

everything is in your head but the biggest factor to remember is CONFIDENCE
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So how was it that this small groupe of people seemed to be able to remain happy and peaceful in spite of the unwanted outcomes (adversity) that seemed to be happening constatnly? While the majority seemed to be always suffering over adversity, this small group did not react in the same way. It was almost as if what was happening to them was not, in their minds, real..................

When we go to a movie, we go to be entertained. If we really get in to  it we can "become" the actors. And we can choose in our minds the character we want to be. We can be the good guy or the bad. We can "experience" driving a fast car, winning a game, love, fear, death etc. We can have fun doing this because we know that what is happening on the screen is not real. We know that Kevin Costner did not really get killed. If we allowed ourselves to really believe what was happening on the screen, the movie would be a very unpleasant experience! But movies are fun and great entertainment because we know that what we are seeing is really just flickering light on a movie screen. A fun story to entertain us. But it isnt real.

What if you discovered that what you think is your "life", in the world of the mind, was just like the movie. it isnt the true reality, and you can choose the part you play. And if you believed that it wasnt the true reality, you could choose not to suffer over what happens!

So What is the true reality?

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your true reality is what ever u make of it... cause and effect... so regardless of which choice which actor... there will be a cause and effect..

the effect u choose that u chosen is the one u have to over come

that life thats nature... nothing changes only if u change it...

nothing is written in stone only what u believe

so in a sense... we make our reality... if u want it enough u can have it... but if u nit pic everything from the get go... ull get far but far isnt everything...just the beginning to an end...

Keep it on the the game

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the thought/belief that there is something you "have to overcome" is the main cause of suffering

"nothing is written in stone only what you believe" is a key point

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Thanks to all who've contributed, especially Zeek for all his time and effort and willingness to share his thoughts while he's still working on them. Reading thru the entire thread has really sparked my own thoughts, especially regarding the game of life and how that game should be played. The good news is that I get to do much of that experimentation and homework on a foos table.

I'm an autistic savant and I tend to see things in different ways, especially pertaining to what's going on in the world. I'd just like to make a few comments on the last few posts to delve into this more deeply if it's ok. The comments I'll make are intended to help by offering a different point of view, based on what has helped me to understand my self and the world within and around me.

You might want to read this thread for a little background info and not so brief introduction since I'm not sure I know anyone here personally.

Anyway, here goes, starting with mental attitude.

Everyone HERE plays to win, but that's actually what's messed up with the world. We convince ourselves that there is only one way to win and that the winner MUST be us at all costs. This is exactly true, it's just misinterpreted due to the point of view that results from the very act of playing the game this way. It's the game, not the players that are to be hated here. This life is a game, a competitive race where being first to the finish line is the only criteria, but in the real world we're soon to become aware of, winning is not based on points, but rather how well you played the game using every imaginable criteria. Nobody sucks at anything because the number one criteria for play is having fun, everyone plays their best game all the time because being a fun opponent and giving a good game is all that's important, nobody ever thinks of "beating" their opponent because they are well aware of who actually receives that beating.

The best players I've seen in this world also tend to play the game for the game itself, they want their opponent to be at the top of their game because then they can be at the top of their own game. No good player wants to win because his opponent sucked - ever. It's way easier said than done because we're taught to win, but I am teaching myself to think this way because frankly - I'm tired of losing.

Do the math, if you equate fun with winning you're only going to be having fun when you do win, which means you have to win all the time (near impossible yet we still expect to = suffering) or you could try basing fun on  - maybe having fun? It's a way better way to play, nobody cheats, style and creativity creep back into gameplay, smack talk becomes constructive and positive because you're now trying to coax the very best out of your opponent, winning is now about who has the most fun and all players are trying to perpetuate that.

So that's the new mental attitude I'm working on, and ofc we're not just talking about foos here, the entire universe is waiting for us as our playground when we learn how to play the game correctly, and we haven't even seen 90% of what there is to play with yet.

The next two posts kind of tie in together so I'll comment on them that way.

We make our own reality, not just in a sense but we are in fact in control of every aspect of it at every moment. Without going into the actual mechanics of how it works if you accept that for the moment then the begging next question should be obvious...

Why on earth, when we can create any reality we wish, do we choose to create this one? Not only create it, but stay in it and maintain the highest tolerable level of suffering? This is just more math, but the answer to any intelligent person who knows human nature is that it must be HUGELY worth it.

Suffering (or anything else here) isn't caused BY anything, it's FOR a cause - that "hugely worth it cause". Look at power generation methods, especially electricity. You polarize everything into positive and negative magnetic poles and then force them to interact as opposing forces, generating electricity. Reversing that creates a motor that uses electricity to animate, like little dynamos that work as generators and play as motors. See?

There is still cause and effect, but the cause is always ahead of the effect, not behind as it is when you say something was caused by something else - the latter isn't even possible.

Zeek, I think you're spot on with most of this stuff, what's missing tho is the realization that you have a lot more to focus on and think about when you figure out that you're actually controlling not only what you perceive to be you, but the player across from you, the table itself and even the time/space bubble that it's all happening in. It's all "you" and all of it requires focus to maintain, most of it done unconsciously on autopilot with regard to your primary purpose for being here. In reality we can each say that we're the only person here, not I am the only person here but we are the only person here - see? Yeah, I know how ridiculous that sounds until it makes sense. Like Lennon said "I am, You are, We are - all together.

I hope all that didn't come out too f'd up to understand, it's not the most understandable subject matter to begin with. I'm happy to field any questions, just remember that my responses are just points of view and that my overall world view still hasn't crystallized for me yet. It's actually in a pretty volatile flux state at the moment while I rework a few of the mental models I use to understand things.

Thanks again for making this a thread worth reading :)