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First off...
Where's he drilling you with that spray push.. from what spot and to what hole, usually?
Is he splitting your G and 2bar defending the 54-53 lane?  Is he quicksetting his natural spray angle once he gets to that takeoff spot?
Remember the principle that you just shut off the center of 54-53 lane with your G and 2bar man, so he HAS to shoot around the zone on either side.. just like you create a wall in soccer/football first against a direct free kick.  Get a flashlight on the table surface, point it from where he usually sprays and see if you're actually not closing that lane. And you have to have dynamic forward zone D, which means you go back and forth the first 3-4 seconds .. guarding either side of that protected lane, waiting to chop off any thing outside the lane. after 3-4 seconds (this stops quicksets) this is a normal set shot.. and you better:
1. find out which line he's usually shooting (perhaps two possible lines)
2. learn a 3bar motion that keeps those edges outside the lane guarded. (i usually do back and forth with a flick/randomly)
Back and forth means END-to-End (to either wall and back with the 3bar)  .. no cheating or feathering near where the ball is set.
This is a zone.. you set up a completely blocked center lane and wait to ambush on either side/
You'll be surprised how often you can also get or snag a shot right through that center lane if you:
1. Never get caught pausing with your 3bar in the middle (32man on big dot or center line)
2. You can pause at either wall, since that basically locks up two of the outside lanes.
It's not necessary to have the 5bar exactly in the middle.. adjust either side depending on the G shot.  Each opponent has their own personal lanes they prefer (these are also their automatic/quickset lanes)..
NOTE: Probably better not to lock on to the ball, just be aware of where it is and concentrate on closing the zone.

This is quite helpful sugeesitons. I love it and will use it when necessary

Actually,I  always wanted t ohave the 5 bar exactly in the middle,and i got a lot of errors with this.Thanks for  the heads up!

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Is there perhaps some religious precept that prohibits drawing diagrams of the foosball table? What happened to the good old 1 picture = 1000 words rule? Would really love to see some zone defense diagrams, instead of trying to figure out what is 'inside' on the foosball table. Coins I guess.

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Why look for pics when videos are available?  below is a link to "Unreal Foos" general defensive Concepts tutorial

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I've seen that Zeke's video. It is very informative (all his videos are), but it's not about zone defense against opponent's 2 rod attacks - and that was the topic here. Thanks anyway.