Dead stroke, "in the zone"

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Dead stroke, "in the zone"
« on: January 11, 2011, 08:19:12 PM »
Have you ever been there? What I'm talking about is a state that is on another plane of consciousness where everything is effortless and it seems slowed down for you. Everything you do is measured and complete yet easy to do. It comes from practicing hard and long and then somehow when you are challenged the most it all comes together. I just wonder how many have experienced it,,,

Re: Dead stroke, "in the zone"
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Re: Dead stroke, "in the zone"
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I call it focus.  It's almost like an out of body experience.  It's as if you see/hear nothing outside the playfield.  I remember playing a match against a friend of mine with a really good pull shot.  On one shot in particular, I remember him going long on a reverse defense and thinking "Oh man, he got me", and then moving the goalie over to cover it just in time.  He's a really good player and I always feel like I was in his head.  Now days, I don't think my reactions are quick enough to do that, and I have a hard time staying in focus.  I might play lights out for a short time and then just lose it.  I wonder if they make Viagra for focus. ::)