Sportcraft is pissing me off!

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Re: Sportcraft is pissing me off!
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I know this post is rather old, but I just went through this issue recently.  I bought a Sportcraft ESPN table from Dick's Sporting Goods about 3-4 years ago.  Finally had a man break and tried to contact Sportcraft.  Even had the original manual with a reorder sheet in the back. However, this is the reply I got back from them via email:

Sportcraft is in the midst of an exciting developmental phase. We value our customers and their needs and we're doing everything we can to facilitate your requests. We appreciate your patience during this transition. Unfortunately, we only purchased the rights to the name in the bankruptcy of the former operating company, we did not acquire any parts or service information. If you recently purchased the item and have a problem with the product you will need to return it to the store.

The Sportcraft Team

After a bit of exhaustive research of calling around and online research, I finally discovered that the parts I needed were "Dynamo".  I am not a foosball know-it-all.  Maybe Dynamo parts are popular or not. I am not sure.  What I did discover is that when I searched Amazon for "Dynamo foosball parts", most everything that popped up there looked like what I have.  I even saw some men that looked like the pic above.

So maybe sportcraft parts == dynamo parts, at least for some of their models.

This post is near the top of the google search results.  Hope this helps anyone in the future.  Cheers!