4th Annual SC Open Results Rev. 1

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4th Annual SC Open Results Rev. 1
« on: January 30, 2011, 11:38:28 PM »
2011 4th Annual South Carolina Open Results
$2,200.00 in Cash, Prizes and Trophies were awarded
Carolina Wings and Rib House, West Columbia, SC 
Registered Players: 65
States/Countries represented:  SC, NC, FL and VA
               Novice Doubles

1st           Jim Landon (SC) - Bobby Brown (SC)   
2nd   Mike Miller (SC) - Paul Whetstone (NC)   
3rd   Doozy Rowell (SC) - Bobby Weatherford (SC)

            Draw Your Partner A-B

1st   Jim Landon (SC) - Doozy Rowell (SC)   
2nd   Paul Whetstone (NC) - Tom Heath (NC)   
3rd   Ken Garcia (SC) - Jim Corbett (SC)

   Open Doubles

1st   Tim Yates (NC) - Bruce Nardoci (NC)   
2nd   Carl Dill (NC) - Mike Giles (NC)   
3rd   Bruce Herring (NC) - Mark Anderson (NC)

                U1250 Singles

1st   Todd Chamberlain (NC)    
2nd   Pete McLean (SC)    
3rd   Paul Whetstone (NC)
   O1250 Singles

1st   Bruce Nardoci (NC)    
2nd   Kenny Jackson (NC)    
3rd   Chris Hayes (NC)
   Women's Singles

1st   Doris Little (VA)    
2nd   Rebecca Terry (SC)    
3rd   Judy Wadford (SC)

               Women's Doubles

1st   Crystal Edwards (SC) - Rebecca Terry (SC)   
2nd   Becky Hurst (SC) - Judy Wadford (SC)   
3rd   Melanie Yates (NC) - Susan Hasty (NC)
   3500 Limited Doubles

1st   Carl Dill (NC) - Mike Giles (NC)   
2nd   Butch Williams (NC) - Tim Yates (NC)   
3rd   Bobby Brown (SC) - Bruce Nardoci (NC)

More comments to come.
Simply awesome tournament.
Way to go SCFPA


Re: 4th Annual SC Open Results Rev. 1
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2011, 05:06:34 PM »
Had a great time Alan. Disappointed that I lost to Carl and Mike THREE times, twice in the open and once in the limited, but I guess I can always blame my partner, LOL.Had a huge win over Fuji and Jimmy, but I don't think Jimmy was having a good day. Still, I STOPPED Fuji through a game and a half before he figured me out and by then it was too late - Bruce was just too good against Jimmy. I walked away with a lot of new ideas and can't wait for the next tournament.

Re: 4th Annual SC Open Results Rev. 1
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2011, 12:04:45 AM »
Get ready for Atlantic Beach.
I'll probably see everyone at Melanie's Birthday Bash February 12th.

It was a great tournament and what a surprise turnout.
We expected 40 and got 65.
We'll have 8 or 9 tables at the SC State in May.