Bonzini U.S.A. Foosball Tour Update

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Bonzini U.S.A. Foosball Tour Update
« on: February 28, 2011, 01:25:34 AM »
On February 18th, I aggravated a lower back injury from last year that required surgery.  Due to some upcoming physical therapy and the need to concentrate on my health issues, we will be suspending upcoming Bonzini U.S.A. Foosball Tour events until September 30th of this year.  At that time, we will resume the tour with the 37th Annual North Carolina State Foosball Championships in Wilmington, NC.  During this downtime, I have been assured that our local playerís organizations throughout NC and SC will continue to schedule and host some smaller events to help satisfy the tournament crave by our loyal players. We will also build momentum toward an exciting North Carolina State Foosball Championship event this fall and will have a solid 2012 season in the works.
Thanks to all of the players that have helped assist with the tournament room breakdowns recently. We have a great foundation of players, event organizers and charities to work with. Iíll be looking forward to seeing everyone in September.


Re: Bonzini U.S.A. Foosball Tour Update
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2011, 02:10:25 PM »
Thanks for a great weekend Alan. Take care of yourself. We'll set up a few tournaments of our own. I'm thinking a few seeded AB Draws to keep Fuji crying for a few more years, and I'll make sure that Carl and I wear muzzles next time to cut down on the smack. All in good fun of course. I'm sure they'll have a few in Dillon as well. Always a good time out there at Miller's "convenience"   

Re: Bonzini U.S.A. Foosball Tour Update
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2011, 06:10:17 PM »

I'll be around to play in a few of those events also.

Well you know we don't encourage the smack talk and will address it when necessary.
You and Carl were fine, but you saw with the youngers kids around what happened when they saw it gonig on. Just not our style of foosball for the long run.

Great playing and I'll see you down the road.


Re: Bonzini U.S.A. Foosball Tour Update
« Reply #3 on: March 01, 2011, 10:04:01 PM »
Another great event...enjoyed it very much...the beach tavern is one of my favorite places to play...
Mite have saw the dawn of a new top player...that guy Eric Mccraw looked like he was catching on quick...he lit us up in our match...he said he came all the way from
 the asheville area to that's a to be along ride...?? Real nice guy...gave me a few offensive tips that helped a lot...
Bummer about Allen...I'm sure he'll comeback strong....
Looking forward to the next event when every that is...hopefully soon!