Dead ball situation

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Re: Dead ball situation
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LOL - it was the top one, pretty cool machine minus the inability to get to the playfield! Powder was a bit of an overstatement, more like 12 small pieces and some dusty rubble.  :)


Absolutely freak'in high-larious.  Must be the same gum manufacturer that makes the baseball card gum...I've seen that stuff shatter with some dusty rubble.

What I don't get is why even have a glass top?  It's not like you can get at the gum holder thing...but I "suppose" you could BYOG (bring your own gumballs), or keep re-using the gumball and play for free or something???

None the less the coolest gumball machine I've ever seen...

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Re: Dead ball situation
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Good point about the need for a glass top. Typically it's to keep people from stealing the balls, but in this case you are supposed to take them with you!

The other funny part was that the pretty lady working the gumball display was likely hired simply to attract customers, not someone deeply trained in the workings of the product (LOL). So, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the owner did come back, saw the broken gumball, then listened to "It was the craziest thing. 2 guys with foosball shirts showed up, started playing foosball, then 'BASH', it just shattered. it just SHATTERED', then they just disappeared..." Oh, what must've gone through his head... >:( :( :)