Is Deutch Meister Foosball table worth more if I fix it or leave it as is?

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I have a Deutch Meister foosball table, older model first letters say Aut then the sticker is torn then it ends in au.  Then is says Forster 8531 Langenfeld.

It is missing a couple of the rubber handle grips and some of the woodwork is damaged.  I'm not sure if the coin slot works or not.

I know that coins are worth more if left unpolished.  Does this apply to this foosball table or should I fix it up?

Offline Tyler Foos

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Interesting question. I see 3 variables - the first and easiest is if you want to play on it, make whatever repairs you need to make and enjoy it. The other 2 variables would come in to play if you really want to sell it. An interested buyer might want to get the table from you in unrepaired condition and restore it the way they want themselves. Conversely, if a small investment of time and effort by you would fetch a meaningfully better price, then clean it up first. My gut feeling is that someone who really wants a DM table anticipates putting some restoration $$$ into it anyway so I would vote (other than replacing the missing handles) to leave it as is.

Good luck...................................Tyler