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We did some upgrading today and had some issues, so it's possible we lost a few things... sorry about that.  ::)

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It seems to have fixed itself. It's all good. I do a lot of web programming myself so I understand the issues that occur, especially while upgrading. I hope the upgrades will solve the issue of the robots signing on and spamming us every day. I don't envy your job.

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I have noticed that foosball websites are generally badly designed and broken often. For example, Charles Mackintosh's site is not great either.

I know that at the beginning when you start your business, it might be costly to set up a good site and infrastructure. However, I think Fireball is successfull enough now to afford to pay for a week's worth of a professional web developer's time to set up a nice Web 2.0 style info & purchase basket website. If you can't find or actually SEE (dark blue links on black background!) the info, it's quite likely the user would move on. There's numerous studies that tell you that an average person stays on a website for only a few seconds. If they hate it, they just move on.

Like you say, Brad, it impacts marketing of the table in a very negative way. The money you pay now on the website will easily double future Fireball sales!

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Re: Fireball
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Correct on all accounts.

Now, please explain that to my left brain.

While you are in the mood, feel free to tell the owner of Fireball, Dennis Jiang at what you're thoughts are about his site. I will help you contact Dennis at;
He will be happy to hear from everyone about the professionalism of his site and what it does for Fireball's collective image.

My site is currently being updated as we speak and I now have buttons to be able to purchase products. No, it is not completed but neither is my checkbook. As I  putzed around trying to make those stinking links less stinking, I screwed up and can't unlock the css edit. Mr. Anderson was so nice in trying to help me with some code to add, I blew it.

Thank you for all the positive support and the feedback is great.

This new site of has been a long time coming and it is wonderful to see.

Brad Laurine

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New promo... (SFW, no rickroll)

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I hate to admit it but I remember watching that show ::) the original one that is,,, ;)

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Re: Fireball
« Reply #66 on: July 05, 2011, 07:56:16 PM »
Fireball tables in the Pacific Northwest.

In Portland, near Tigard, we have two of the newest Fireball Coin Op located in Bull Mountain Bar and Grill  13727 SW Pacific Hwy, Portland, OR

These two tables are the elite's tables dream. The fastest rods in the West, super thick walls and surface, rock solid feel and rods that don't bend. These are set on .75 play and is a split cabinet design.

Mike Holbert has been pumping up the Fireball since he received his first of 5 tables at Nike last year. Thursday night Tournament at Bull Mtn and Leagues for the amateurs on Tuesday. He is looking at Singles on Sunday and special events coming up, all on Fireball.

This Thursday, October 7 will have the regular DYP

This Saturday only, October 9th, I will run a DYP and a BYP together. We call it a Shack N' Bake tournament.

If you do not have a partner in advance or don't wish to hook up the night of the event, enter the DYP, If you wish to play as partners, then you enter the BYP

The event has both a DYP and a BYP bracket and they don't collide until playing for 4th or better on the losers side and for King seat on the winners.

and 3rd places paid.

Unless 12 or more teams are registered, then 4th is paid!
Two DYP teams and Two BYP in the Semi-finals


Entry is ONLY $20 for the DYP TEAM
            ONLY $30 for the BYP TEAM

Brad Laurine

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Re: Fireball
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JULY 7th and 9th!

Damn, I was working on a project in October and guess what I put!


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Brad, we'll forgive the "mature moment" ;D But kudo's on the new coin-op. After playing the tournament this weekend, all I can say is, NICE, NICE, NICE! Like Will Smith said in the movie,"Independence Day" "I got to get me one of THESE!" That table is just too much fun and with time to explore all the possibilities it will only be more fun. I want one. I'm gonna sell that Texan table and get me one I can let it all hang out on, just saying, that table is the bomb!
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