Debating on converting a 3 man goalie to a single! Any opinions anyone?

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I was wondering if anyone in the foos nation has purchased a conversion kit for tornado tables. I have Been playing on vintage tables my entire life & recently acquired a tornado tour edition coin-op with the grey marble looking cabinet.  Playin with 3 goalies seems very strange to me. Are the conversion kits any good? Also was looking @ placing the big tornado stickers from the T-3000 on it to cover a chip in the laminate. Is that a sticker or a plate like decal. The tornado website calls it a plate.

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unless they they have up graded the 1 man converion kits they sell here on foosball . com they were made for the older tables that have the white side strips

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I would recommend switching the playfield to Tornado ITSF slopped corners playfield, those Shelti conversion kits are ok but not professional in my opinion.

stick to the 1 man goalie...

I like the switching the play field idea better than a conversion kit! after playing on the table for a week the extra goalies add some new angle shots that the single goalies never could see. I'm not sure what's better I am sure it all comes down to personal preference.  Does anyone know what the side badges on a T3000 look like?