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« on: April 20, 2014, 05:38:00 PM »
I just picked up a used table, then realized the previous owners had set it up R-to-L. The handles are on VERY tight and I don't want to damage the rods, so not sure just moving handles is easily done if that's the solution. Is it just a matter of switching handles or do I have to move bars? Suggestions?

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You don't give much info, but I can't see how switching handles would solve your problem...

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The "bars" are set up in the proper arrangement...(1, 2, 5, & 3) from L to R, but the handles are on in such a way that force you to play of L to R.

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the handles probably only go on one side so you will need to remove rods and configure correctly....just a guess without table info

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Post pictures for more accurate advice.

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Ok...sorry about the lack of info. it's a Premiere Soccer table, but I will post a pic for a better explanation.

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Having trouble posting pic...suggestions?
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Having trouble posting pic...suggestions?

Use Photo Bucket or Picasa or one of the other free, on-line picture hosting sites.

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That's a doozy.

I could be wrong, but after looking at your photos for a while, the best solution would be to disassemble the whole setup and reassemble it correctly.

Flipping the bars would be essentially the same process. It would require removing the handles/bearings/men.

If you moved just the handles to the opposite sides of the rods, you would likely run into spacing issues with the handles not reaching the bearings properly - definitely for the 5-bars.

So, you might be able to just flip all the handles and end-caps except on 5-bars. I think you're going to have to disassemble those rods entirely.

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You had mentioned that the handles are super tight - by any chance are they left-handed threads (i.e. loosen by turning clockwise). Some foosball tables have handles threaded that way.

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Thanks...I will check the handles & reply

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That's an awesome mistake!!! ;D

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I don't think you need to remove the handles.  Remove the men, bumpers and the goalie stops.  Pull the rods out of the table with handle attached.  Reposition the bars in the correct position with handles on the correct side.  Replace all the men and make sure they face the correct direction.  Don't forget the goalie stops and bumpers.

Our local Sears does this more often than not.
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I don't think those are screw on handles. Take an open end wrench slightly larger than the rod diameter and tap away from the table with a hammer. The handle should pop right off. Then just put it on the correct side of the rod. A little tape on the rod where the wrench goes would eliminate scratching the rods.