Results NC Foosball Open

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Results NC Foosball Open
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2006 NC Open Foosball Championships
$2,000.00 in Cash, Prizes and Trophies
Raleigh, NC
Registered Players: 68
States/Countries Represented: NC, SC, VA, MD, OH and the UK
Designated Charity: The V Foundation for Cancer Research Sanctioned by:
Bonzini U.S.A. Foosball Tour

The Raleigh News and Observer

 Incredible weekend!   
Excellent turnout and great support from our local Bonzini U.S.A. players group, The Powerkick Team. I first want to thank Chris Bothe and Rob Atha for making the trip to Raleigh for this event. We had many first time Bonzini U.S.A. tournament event participants and they were fortunate to be able to see some high level play from the old and new generation of foosball players. Rob Atha and Bruce Nardoci put on a good singles performance in the finals of the winners bracket with most all games going to meatball. Rob staged a final game comeback, being down 4-3 in the 5th game to take the winners side in OS. Rob cruised to victory by downing Rick Owens in the finals. In Open Doubles, Nardoci put the lock down on opposing forwards, as he and Alan Cribbs came through the elimination bracket to double-dip Jim Parris and Mack Smith in the final of OD. The Ladies division saw Dallas Corbett continue to improve her play to take top honors in Singles and a nice 2nd in Doubles. Ladies Doubles title went to Lisa Tolley (Winston-Salem girl) and Doris Little from Virginia Beach. Doris continued to take home the trophies by teaming with Rick Owens to win Open Mixed. Goalie War Champion, Jim Parris, did a double-dip on Bruce Nardoci in the finals. Novice Singles title went to Mr. Robbie Patterson, from the SVFA, as he had a double-dip victory title match also.
Novice Doubles saw another Powerkick team as guru; John Lewis and Alan Watkins keep the hardware in Raleigh. In the 2800 Limited event, another Powerkick home team of HH Han*** and Andy Petesch grabbed the top spot. Expert Singles title went to Newport News, VA native, Sam Crockett.
Good to see Randy Hicok back home in NC.
Bryan Jones, thanks for trying out your first Bonzini U.S.A. event. Hope to see you in Wilmington, NC this October.
Chris Bothe, we'll definitely hook you up with a Bonzini table and I'll get up to OH to play a little in the near future.
Rob Atha, you continue to amaze me with not only your skill level, but the manner and professionalism you bring to the game. I appreciate you making the trip and wish you the best of luck in Las Vegas this weekend.
Dallas Corbett, great play this weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed our Mixed event. Maybe next time, we'll hit the big points in our match.
Pat Ryan and Kenny Kniceley, thanks for the officiating duties and protecting the integrity of the game by explaining to our newbies why certain rules are in place. You both helped our group of new players accelerate their learning curve. Plus it allowed me to play and complete in 2 events and that hasn't happened in a long time. Thanks again.
Jim Waterman thanks for the insight to the U.S.T.S.F. and the I.T.S.F. I look forward to working with you in the near future with the U.S.T.S.F.
Powerkick Team, 100% per admiration for your efforts. The pride and work put forth for this event was extraordinary and noticed by the representative of the V Foundation. Thank you for setting new standards for the Bonzini U.S.A. tour events.
Total cash payout: $2,722.00
Plus some really great prizes were given out

And now, the reason we were all there:
Thanks to our sponsor and players for supporting the V Foundation by raising:
$2,500.00 for the V Foundation.   

Friday March17th

St. Patty's DYP

1st   Rob Atha (UK) & Randy Hicok (NC)
2nd   Kenneth Kniceley (VA) & Bryan Jones (NC)
3rd   Bruce Nardoci (NC) & Mark Beal (NC)

Novice Doubles

1st   Alan Watkins (NC) & John Lewis NC)
2nd   Robert Norris (NC) & Billy Atkisson (NC)
3rd   Jack Voigt (NC) & Tim Pearce (NC)
4th   Mark Beal (NC) & Tony Shifflett (NC)

Novice Singles

1st    Robert Patterson (VA)
2nd   Scott Dunbar (VA)
3rd   John Lewis (NC)
4th   Todd Weatherspoon (NC)

Saturday & Sunday March 18th & 19th

Open Mixed Doubles

1st     Doris Little (VA) & Rick Owens (NC)
2nd     Lisa Tolley (NC) & Bruce Nardoci (NC)
3rd     Dallas Corbett (SC) & Alan Cribbs (NC)
4th     Rhonda Hayes (NC) & Chris Hayes (NC)
5/6th Cammy Wilkerson NC) & John Wilkerson (NC)
5/6th Susan Hasty (NC) & Bobby Yates (NC)
7/8th Nikki Takei (NC) & Rob Atha (UK)

Open Singles

1st   Rob Atha (UK)
2nd   Rick Owens (NC)
3rd    Bruce Nardoci (NC)
4th    Mack Smith (NC)
5/6th Kenneth Kniceley (VA)
5/6th Alan Cribbs (NC)
7/8th Chad Meadows (NC)

Open Doubles

1st    Bruce Nardoci (NC) & Alan Cribbs (NC)
2nd    Mack Smith (NC) & Jim Parris (NC)
3rd    Mike Giles (NC) & Sam Crockett (VA)
4th    John Wilkerson (NC) & Buddy Burchette (NC)
5/6th Dave Pelny (VA) & Ricky Martin (NC)
5/6th Rob Atha (UK) & Chris Bothe (OH)
7/8th Jim Waterman (MD) & Pat Ryan (MD)
7/8th Mike West (NC) & Kenneth Kniceley (VA)

Ladies Singles
I.T.S.F. Event

1st     Dallas Corbett (SC)
2nd    Lisa Tolley (NC)
3rd    Susan Hasty (NC)
4th    Rhonda Hayes (NC)

Ladies Doubles
I.T.S.F. Event

1st    Lisa Tolley (NC) & Doris Little (VA)
2nd    Dallas Corbett (SC) & Rhonda Hayes (NC)
3rd    Susan Hasty (NC) & Nikki Takei (NC)

2800 Limited Doubles
No Masters

1st    Andy Petesch (NC) & HH Han*** (NC)
2nd    Billy Atkisson (NC) & Jim Corbett (SC)
3rd    Ricky Martin (NC) & Mark Beal (NC)
4th    Chad Meadows (NC) & John Lewis (NC)
5/6th Tony Shifflett (VA) & Dave Pelny (VA)
5/6th    Bobby Yates (NC) & Todd Weatherspoon (NC)
7/8th    Russell Mabus (VA) & Rick Forgey (VA)
7/8th    Bryan Jones (NC) & Randy Hicok (NC)

Expert Singles

1st    Sam Crockett (VA)
2nd    Buddy Burchette (NC)
3rd    Mike West (NC)
4th    Jim Corbett (SC)
5/6th Dallas Corbett (SC)
5/6th Rick Forgey (VA)
7/8th    Ricky Martin (NC)
7/8th    Robert Yates Jr. (NC)

Goalie War

1st Jim Parris (NC)
2nd Bruce Nardoci (NC)
3rd Chad Meadows (NC)
4th Rick Forgey (VA)
5/6th Bobby Yates (NC)
5/6th Bill Burkhart (NC)
7/8th Mark Beal (NC)
7/8th Todd Weatherspoon (NC)

Next Tournament Event:

2006 Thunder in the Mt. Foosball Spectacular
VA Open Foosball Championships
$2,000.00 in Cash, Prizes and Trophies
July 21-23
Staunton, VA
Byers St. Bistro
Hosted by: The Shenandoah Valley Foosball Association
Designated Charity: Hospice

For more info: