Italian Foosball?

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Re: Italian Foosball?
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Buckshot,  I believe you are so correct: Tidewater had a greater # of tables than anywhere, back then or since. Likewise in reverse, I rarely went north of the Chesapeake because of bay-bridge tunnel. A friend & I did sell some RPs in Buckroe Beach, wonder if any ended up in your friend Ronnie's WINDUP. Actually, RPs were knock offs of Bonzini, but who knew?  I stopped playing mainly '72 to '08.  5 bar is my biggest challenge + AGE.  :-\  My biggest foos thrill was winning a car in '72 at RP tourny in VB Dome singles- My friend Tom Baker & I also won doubles. I regret that I have lost track of him-great friend & goalie.  Get this, "Seniors" was 17 & older-I was 24, so we were seasoned & experienced.  The old Dome existed 58-93, another memory was to see Jimi Hendrix there while I was inlisted in the Navy in 1968. Great music & foos go together. These days,win or lose, just plan to play the game I love as much & as long as possible.     
PS-Bonzini is great for backpin, & ofcourse Fireball is easier than Tornado (which is popular table here in Chicagoland) have a friend with a Garlando.  To each his/her own.
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Re: Italian Foosball?
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You won a CAR in a foosball tournament?! IN 1972!?! Holly cow! Dude, that's got to be some kind of record, cause foosball tournaments were rare in those early days before Tournament Soccer. And considering the high level of talent in that area at that time, you must have been quite a player. As I recall, most people were much better with the 3rod than the 5 and passing wasn't as sophisticated as it is now, so you probably had a truly awesome shot. Good for you.
     I've been to the Dome. I saw Frank Zappa there, also Black Sabbath. I understand some people in attendance were doing drugs, but NOT ME!

Re: Italian Foosball?
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The Dome actually existed 58-94. Was only in Hampton colliseum once to see Dr. J play as a ABA VA Squire. Only lived 2 blocks from Dome so walked to footsball tournaments & concerts. Foos entrys were free & concerts in our time about $5! When you were inside with Ozzy & Black Sabbath I was on the lawn='71.  Besides Jimi (with Archie Bell & the Drells) saw Alice Cooper James Gang,Fleetwood Mac,Yes,Johnny OR Edgar Winter, & some I forgot ;).  Heard about the drugs but NOT ME! either...Yep,It was the first car ever awarded (atleast in U.S.) for foos out of around 11or 13 I counted once in Johnny Lott's/Kathy Brainard's Almanac.  They got better:Corvettes, Porches during TS.  I think Furry got 2,Wiswell at least 1. 
 Anyway, back to RP, in Dec. 71 at Dome, I won a Honda 125SL,1st place singles.  Paul Nipper & I won doubles. I kept the newspaper articles,later submitted them & other stuff which my friends Alan Cribbs (president BonziniUSA) & Bruce Nardoci (THE legend of French style foosball) put onto the history section.  & via Johnny into Table Soccer Almanac. I wish i had 1/10 of the speed & skills of back in the day. In my short undefeated run all I did was sleep,eat,drink (abits)...FOOS,repeat. About 4 years ago I realized I've gone from can't lose to can't play,  the only fooser who owns a table to the only one who doesn't, from having groupies to being one.(I'm a BIG fan of Tony Spredeman & all our world cup team). Thankful to get to VB via Navy-right place/time. Chen,sorry to divert thread. Saw Italians play in Naples=awesome, & I do agree with most of the above comments, that varied experience is helpful. Just my 2 cents but my favorite style of table & play is French & in this century,  Bonzini   John Hayes
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