Umbro, major brand for Field Soccer apparel supplies the US Team with uniforms

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Pat Ryan, USTSF President announces that Umbro is the official uniform provider for Team USA in France.

For those that are not familiar with Umbro, they are a major brand of Field Soccer apparel. We think this will be a nice cross over for branding, as well as a good position in the market for Table Soccer.

Umbro, Ltd., a subsidiary of NIKE, Inc., is the original football brand that invented sportswear. Founded 85 years ago, today the company combines its heritage in sports tailoring with modern insight to create groundbreaking and iconic apparel, footwear and equipment that blend performance and style. For further information about Umbro, visit

With the help of Mike Holbert, Nike employee, Umbro has generously given the US Team; Pants, Jackets and 3 sets of shirts for the entire 28 member team.

USTSF and Players would like to thank Mike Holbert, Maren Fawcett, Dan Alder, and the US division, UmbroUSA, for their support of the US Table Soccer Team.

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In the near future, we will want to look for related articles about Umbro and Table Soccer.

Thank you again, UmbroUSA.

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You can also checkout the USTSF facebook page...go ahead..."like" us...we would really appreciate it!!  You can also catch updates on the US teams and players by going to the USTSF facebook page next week/weekend during the event.  Updates on how everyone is doing will be posted to facebook atleast once per day (more if there is wifi at the tournament venue).