Tournament Soccer Brown Top - Collector Alert

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Tournament Soccer Brown Top - Collector Alert
« on: August 25, 2011, 08:27:39 AM »
best looking brown top i have seen for sale...thing looks mint and completely up to date...suburbs of chicago, my original stomping grounds...i would buy this in a heart beat if I could afford it....this is a collectors treasure...

it kills me to not have the money to collect this...about 4-5 years ago I missed on a mint TS Green Top which in my opinion is the cream of the TS line and a blue top which I did the vast majority of my playing on about a year later...both in super clean condition

its like when a TS 1977 $250,000 (thats literally a $1,000,000 in todays money) Worlds Poster came up for sale...I bid for a while, over $100 but didn't keep going and it sold for about $150 if I remember right and since I have never seen another one for sale and am not likely to, that was a GREAT DEAL...I thought I made a big mistake at the time and i was right...this was the largest most important tournament in foosball history held in St Louis, 350 tables (yea, I was there) and where a 17 year old Todd Loffredo won his first Worlds doubles title with partner and good friend the since deceased Gil looking poster too

man, no telling where foosball would be today if it had that kind of money in it earners were making 35-40k with Proshes, Vets, and tricked out Van's thrown in...inflation adjusted is just under 4 x dollar value today, top players could be making $140k-160k...think about the talent and committment to the game that would bring out...forget Golf money, that would blow a persons mind, dang, this nearly does...

somebody grab a piece of history, i see Brown Tops come up fairly often but they are always trashed, never seen one like this...let me know if someone gets it so I can be accordingly jealous and envious

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Re: Tournament Soccer Brown Top - Collector Alert
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2011, 11:52:21 AM »
Oh man Charles that went for only $99 bucks, a steal as far as I'm concerned. I loved that table for banks and cutbacks (from ANY man on the 3bar, lol) and I could do a rocket open handed pull kick from the wall to squared long...ahhhh memories :)

Re: Tournament Soccer Brown Top - Collector Alert
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2012, 11:36:53 AM »
old topic refresh!

I just got this exact table from a neighbor for free.  the only difference is that my coin slot only takes 1 quarter instead of up to 4.  It's a little beat up, but is still going to be a fun project