Stickiness on rods of brand new Tornado T3000

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Re: Stickiness on rods of brand new Tornado T3000
« Reply #15 on: April 10, 2012, 03:49:14 AM »

You said "Also is this the #51010 (Super LubeŽ Oil with PTFE (High Viscosity)) from the SuperLube catalogue (there are several, so I'd like to make sure it's the correct one!)."
Yep.. that's the one.. Checked the UPC on mine.... the full UPC is 82353 51010 .... And yes, I'd order several if shipping costs that much...  I've seen them in a small box, but I can't remember how many were in the box.
Is it true? No Radio-controlled airplane, boat or race car hobby shops in kiwiland? At all?  Well.. there are several globally on line.. but I still can't remember what the matching weight silicone is from Fooslube.  I'll keep checking..  It was so long ago.. when some enterprising foosers (RC hobbyists, if I recall) figured it out for the equivalent weight on a couple of foosboards ... so long ago that the search wouldn't find the thread anymore (especially if the boards crashed or were updated several times over the years..)
As for Super Lube .. just be careful with the small yellow or red cap on the thinner applicator on the end.  Don't lose it, LOL!
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Re: Stickiness on rods of brand new Tornado T3000
« Reply #16 on: April 10, 2012, 03:57:16 AM »
All good. It turns out the hobby stores exist, they just weren't as obvious as normal shops I go to. They are small and not that many of them in NZ, but they exist and even have websites. So I manged to find it. I even found that you can get a 4 oz bottle of the same stuff for nearly the same price as 1/4 oz! Super Lube PTFE Oil SL 51004

So yes, I'll go for that and hope I foos better for it!

Cheers for the answers!