Bought a used coin-op, looking for advice on maintenance...

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Hello all,

I am sorry for probably a redundant post...well I know it is a redundant post but I wanted to see if I could get some answers to my specific questions.

I got a used coin-op which has some miles on it, I am picking it up this weekend.  I wanted to get it cleaned up as much as possible in regards to maintenance and inspection.  I had two to pick from and the one I chose seemed to have pretty straight rods (Only one wobbled a tiny bit).  I couldn't test out the playing surface that much with regards to it being level because of the area it was stored in (on a pallet in a game room).

Anyways I have been reading up and looking around on how to clean the surface as well as how to take the rods out and 'clean the bearings'.  Since I don't have the table in front of me I am not able to assess at the moment but what are some of the basics I should be doing right when I disassemble the bearings for a total cleaning to get it as tip top as possible?

I have seen the post about maintenance after purchase...what keys should I be looking for regarding each rod upon inspection?  I don't want to change out anything I don't need to...but want to make sure things are in order when I am pulling it apart.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Re: Bought a used coin-op, looking for advice on maintenance...
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I used alcohol for the surface...there is probably grime in the corners and to get it perfect toothpicks work well. Take all of the bearings off and wash them in hot water with a little dawn and a toothbrush. I cleaned the men with a toothbrush as well. Then rinse them thouroghly and blow dry them. I suggest letting them sit out over night next to your AC vent to make sure all of the recesses are totally dry. You dont want them wet at all before you reassemble.

Re: Bought a used coin-op, looking for advice on maintenance...
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Here is a good link from bbtuna:

If the link does not work the date of the post is June 29, 2009