SC State Foosball Championships (Results)

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SC State Foosball Championships (Results)
« on: July 24, 2012, 12:56:02 AM »
2012 SC State Foosball Championships Results
Total cash paid out $1,972.00 plus Bonzini Prizes Packages & Trophies were awarded.
Registered Players: 75
States/Countries Represented: SC, NC, VA, and FL
Designated Charity - Boys and Girls Club of York Co.
Fort Mill, South Carolina
Novice Doubles

1st   Jimmy Nicholson (SC) - Dennis Corley (SC)   
2nd           David Bryant (NC) - Pete McLean (SC)   
3rd   Doug Wood (SC) - Mitch Wingate (FL)   
4th   Becky Hurst (SC) - Donald Hurst (SC)
Novice Singles
1st            Eric McCraw (NC)    
2nd   Donald Parker (NC)    
3rd   Jim Hodges (NC)    
4th   Mac Oxford (SC)    
DYP I (Friday)

1st            Bryan Jones (NC) - Larry Caulder (SC)   
2nd   Robert Yates Jr. (NC) - Carl Dill (NC)   
3rd   Jason McCall (NC) - Tim Yates (NC)
Open Doubles

1st            Carl Dill (NC) - Bryan Jones (NC)   
2nd   Bruce Nardoci (NC) - Alan Cribbs (NC)   
3rd   Robert Yates Jr. (NC) - Bobby Yates (NC)   
4th   J.R. Cox (NC) - Mark Anderson (NC)   
5th/6th      Jim Parris (NC) Danny LaVoun (VA)
5th/6th      Pete McLean (SC) Larry Caulder (SC)   
Open Singles

1st   Robert Yates Jr. (NC)    
2nd   Bruce Nardoci (NC)    
3rd   Bryan Jones (NC)    
4th   Jim Corbett (SC)    
5th/6th   Dylan Corbett (SC)    
5th/6th   Carl Dill (NC)
Expert Doubles

1st   Butch Williams (NC) - Alan Cribbs (NC)   
2nd   Jim Parris (NC) - Danny LaVoun (VA)   
3rd   Bert Whitfield Jr. (NC) - Bobby Yates (NC)   
4th   Carl Dill (NC) - Robert Yates Jr. (NC)

Expert Singles

1st          Robert Yates Jr. (NC)    
2nd   Bryan Jones (NC)    
3rd   Dylan Corbett (SC)    
4th   Victor Davis (NC)
Mixed Doubles

1st   Dylan Corbett (SC) - Dallas Corbett (SC)   
2nd   Lisa Tolley (NC) - Bruce Nardoci (NC)   
3rd   Lisa Griffin (SC) - Bryan Jones (NC)

1st          Tommy Wadford (SC) - Jason McCall (NC)   
2nd         Judy Wadford (SC) - Michelle McCall (NC)   

Women's Doubles

1st   Rebecca Terry (SC) - Lisa Tolley (NC)   
2nd   Judy Wadford (SC) - Dallas Corbett (SC)   
3rd   Becky Hurst (SC) - Lisa Griffin (SC)
Women's Singles

1st            Dallas Corbett (SC)    
2nd   Rebecca Terry (SC)    
3rd   Judy Wadford (SC)

News Coverage:

What an incredible event. Please visit our Facebook account for Bonzini USA and South Carolina Foosball Players Association for pictures. We have some outstanding check contributions but with some of our player donations and sponsors, we raised $500.00 for the Boy's and Girls Club.
This total will definately grow for next year. We have positioned ourselves to put on one of the largest NC State Foosball Championships since 1998. Our focus now is totally committed to producing that event and insuring the players have a memorable experience. Thanks go out to all of the first time Bonzini U.S.A. Foosball Tour attendees. I appreciate the help from our veteran group of players in assisting with newcomers with the tournament process.

Larry Caulder- Thanks for the tournament breakdown help as usual. you're extending the tour life by saving my back :D

Bruce- Someday I'll learn to block. Nice to be in the heat of competition with you again. Brought back a lot of memories.

Dylan and Dallas- My first sister and brother champions. Thanks for letting me watch you 2 grow up to be fantastic young adults.

Rebecca- We'll rebound at the next event. I mean it.

Robert Yates- Great singles play young man.

Butch- It was a pleasure playing the nets for you because I had a great veiw of your performance- OUTSTANDING!

To all of the new players: Thanks for the nice comments and welcome to a new type of foosball tournament experience. We hope to return to Fort Mill next year. I believe Mike is going to need a Bonzini table there full time.

Gloria- You are absolutely incredible. I love you so much. Now get back to work, the NC State is just 75  days away.


Re: SC State Foosball Championships (Results)
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Great tournament Alan, like usual I had a ton of fun. I am already excited for the NC State in October; with 2 months to prepare for those pesky(very talented) Canadians. For anybody that has never been to a Bonzini tournament, the North Carolina state is the greatest bonzini tournament experience you can get. With great players and a great venue, this event cant be topped.....BTW, I would think Gloria deserves a nice vacation/pampering/something for all that she does. You better not push her too hard because idk many others who would volunteer to do her job.  :P

Re: SC State Foosball Championships (Results)
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Her performance at the SC State was awsome. She handled all of the part sells, match calls, and information request from players and spectators which allowed Bruce and I to compete together. Needless to say she was exhausted Sunday afternoon. I agree with you that this years NC State is going to be something special for Bonzini USA.  We're going to start working hard to make sure our players and the charity get some great media exposure. It's going to be more than a tournament, a sort of celebration of friends competing against and with each other. Just a different atmosphere and attitude of a typical foosball tournament. Our women's events are growing, Mixed Doubles is becoming a great event, Bryan and Carl have a great streak going, you have a Singles streak running. I think the Wilmington locals will be out in greater force, our Seniors Division may have more incentive to compete, our golf event will most likely be full and I just feel optomistic about the entire weekend. And we will have the kids from the Boy's and Girl's Club out there to start things off.

I'll be sure Gloria reads your comments.