New to Foosball, what table manufacturer does this table belong to?

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Hello, I am new here and have pictures of a foosball table that was left in the house we purchased. I have children in their teens who have loved playing on this and we got curious: how do I find out what table this is, as in the manufacturer? I was brought to this forum through an internet search of "vintage foosball tables" and saw the pictures and conversations about the Deutscher Meister. Our table mostly (kind of) looks like one but does not have the name printed in the center of the field etc. It has the same players, same angled ramps in corner, same veneer cabinet. Many here seem in the know and I was hoping you could help direct us to find out more info.  I tried to post 2 images but I can't get them enabled to insert. Thanks!

To post photos I upload them first to a photobucket account (free) and then you will see there is a link on photobucket that you can copy and paste into your forum message.

Thanks kgstewar for the tip..... I hope this works!

Thanks in advance for all help.

Does anybody recognize this type of table? Hopefully the link is live and photos can be viewed.
Please let me know if they are not. I can view them but it is also my account so I expected to be able to.

The yellow player was in there when we moved in. I looked
online to replace the all yellow player with a suited player to match the team but wasn't sure what manufacturer
I should even be trying to find.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Looks like a home model Tournament Soccer Table.   I purchased one that looks like it in 1974.  Assume the bars are solid, not hollow.


lol Thanks Dean!  So is "Home Model"the manufacturer? Or does Home Model mean a kit put together.
 How do I know if rods are hollow or solid.  Thanks again!

He means the manufacturer, the brand of table, is Tournament Soccer, TS. Tournament Soccer also made the Million Dollar table. These tables predate Dynamo and Tornado. The first big foosball competitions, correct me if I'm wrong, were held on Tournament Soccer tables.

Thanks! This is all very interesting.  How fun! I will try looking up some info on Tournament Soccer/Million Dollar Table. Appreciate it!

Yes, Tournament Soccer did hold the first big foosball tournaments.  For example, in 1975 the Labor Day tournament in Denver was listed as a $100,000 Tournament.

If you are looking for parts for your table, for example replace that yellow man, check out the following website


Dean...thanks so much for the link! Will do. Appreciate everyone for helping us understand
the very very beginnings of foosball table care (ie replacing parts)!  Till next time!