SC State Foosball Championships (Results)

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SC State Foosball Championships (Results)
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2013 South Carolina State Foosball Championships Results
Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, Fort Mill, SC
Over $1,975.00 Tournament Payout, Prizes and Trophies awarded
Registered Players 63, States represented (NC, SC, IL, LA, TN and VA)
Charity:  Boys & Girls Clubs of York County, South Carolina
Novice Doubles
   1st   Todd Chamberlain (NC) - Paul Whetstone (NC)   
   2nd   Danny Stevenson (SC) - Mac Oxford (SC)   
   3rd   Judy Wadford (SC) - Dennis Corley (SC)   
   4th   Melanie Yates (NC) - Cameron Kibler (VA)   
Novice Singles
   1st   Todd Chamberlain (NC)    
   2nd   Jim Landon (SC)    
   3rd   Mac Oxford (SC)    
   4th   John K. Hayes (IL)    
DYP Friday Night
   1st   Steven Schaefer (IL) - Mark Anderson (NC)   
   2nd   Donald Hurst (SC) - Tim Yates (NC)   
   3rd   Robert Yates Jr. (NC) - Jacob Harley (SC)   
Open Doubles
   1st   Carl Dill (NC) - Mark Anderson (NC)   
   2nd   Robert Yates Jr. (NC) - Bobby Yates (NC)   
   3rd   Tim Yates (NC) - Alan Cribbs (NC)   
   4th   Geno Williams (NC) - Bruce Nardoci (NC)   
   5th/6th   Billy Atkisson (NC) - Jim Corbett (SC)   
   5th/6th   Butch Williams (NC) - Jim Parris (NC)   
Open Singles
   1st   Bruce Nardoci (NC)    
   2nd   Liem Le (LA)    
   3rd   Jim Corbett (SC)    
   4th   Robert Yates Jr. (NC)    
   5th/6th   Mark Anderson (NC)    
   5th/6th   John K. Hayes (IL)    
Women's Doubles
   1st   Melanie Yates (NC) - Rebecca Terry (SC)   
   2nd   Becky Hurst (SC) - Judy Wadford (SC)   
Women's Singles
   1st   Rebecca Terry (SC)    
   2nd   Judy Wadford (SC)    
Expert Doubles
   1st   Robert Yates Jr. (NC) - Alan Cribbs (NC)   
   2nd   Tom Heath (NC) - Jim Landon (SC)   
   3rd   Danny Stevenson (SC) - Mac Oxford (SC)   
   4th   Jim Parris (NC) - Doris Little (VA)   
Expert Singles
   1st   Jim Corbett (SC)    
   2nd   Tom Heath (NC)    
   3rd   Mark Anderson (NC)    
   4th   Liem Le (LA)    
Mixed Doubles
   1st   Melanie Yates (NC) - Robert Yates Jr. (NC)   
   2nd   Rebecca Terry (SC) - Bruce Nardoci (NC)   
   3rd   Michelle Brendle (NC) - Tim Sonbert (NC)   
DYP Saturday Night
1st   J.R. Cox (NC) - Judy Wadford (SC)   
   2nd   Kevin Acree (SC) - Cameron Kibler (VA)

Awesome tournament! Thanks go out to the South Carolina Foosball Players Association for supporting a great weeknd event. The Boy's and Girl's will receive a check for $1,000.00 and a foosball table from Bonzini U.S.A. this coming Friday. We had some new players come out for the first time to join in our events. I want to thank them for their participation and hope they will return to future events. We will post pictures and add further comments later.


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Had a really great time Alan. You and Gloria did a great job in running the show, and I have a new found appreciation for all the hard work you have to do to run these events. Many players don't appreciate the little annoyances you have to put up with, like keeping drunk idiots from coming in from the bar and disrupting the tournament. It makes me think twice when I or other players have trivial issues that you just shouldn't have to bother with. Can't wait til the next event. See you then.

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Had a blast Alan, thanks so much for working with the female players and changing the event times for us. Your awesome! :)

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The SC State Tournament was awesome!! Great job Alan and Gloria. It is a tough job to put on an event like this and play quality foos at the same time. Alan, you and Robert kicked our butts in the Expert Doubles event. Congratulations on winning that event. I am looking forward to the next event.
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