What ever happened to Warrior tables?

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Re: What ever happened to Warrior tables?
« Reply #45 on: October 05, 2011, 07:39:20 PM »
Ok, I knew that posting such a comment on a predominately US based forum would get Tornado players panties in a wad, BUT I AM NOT SLAGGIN' TORNADO TABLES.

What I am saying is that we should refrain from saying "X table is the best table ever made" simply because I don't think any one player, or association for that matter, has enough experience with other tables over a long period of time and under several types of conditions to determine which is the best made.  This especially goes for Fireball tables as they are so recent to the market.  They may play nice, granted, but only time will determine of they stand up.  JUST AS THE GREY MARBLE TABLE IS NOT THE BEST EVER MADE (contrary to what you may read on and in my opinion).

By the way, Tornado's are MDF, so not really good as firewood either. :)

Re: What ever happened to Warrior tables?
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thats right just like the WARRIOR tables..they fall the shreds after a period of time...they probably make good fire wood after a couple of years!!...but even the FIREBALL tables probably make just as good firewood...but very expensive wood....

Re: What ever happened to Warrior tables?
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"Best" ever made is necessarily a subjective value judgement, implying "best in my opinion". If a player has 3 or 4 decades of tournament experience under his belt his subjective opinion carries some weight. That is, he probably knows what he's talking about. Now another player with a similar background and experience may judge a different table as the best ever. So one has to ask, best based on what criteria? If their criteria are different, then they both might be correct. If their criteria are the same, then at least one of them has to be wrong. In the end, best really has to be determined by what is best for YOU, based on your own criteria and subjective judgement.
     My own personal subjective opinion of best ever was the Striker table, which they don't build anymore. Not only did it have great front & back pin and bankshot allowances, it also had better player and spectator visibility due to it's lower sidewalls and clear plastic goals. However, it wasn't really around long enough to accurately judge it's durability. Johnny Lott hit a home run with that one.

Re: What ever happened to Warrior tables?
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Well said buckshot.  My sentiments but better said.

Re: What ever happened to Warrior tables?
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Thank you, jagiar.

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Re: What ever happened to Warrior tables?
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well, again, what you are talking about is "best style of play" which is 100% subjective 100% doesn't matter how long I have played or how many tables a person has played on, anyone can like the style of play of one table over another but build quality is NOT entirely subjective and can be compared objectively...

as an example, we can compare the build quality of Fireball coin op to a Tornado coin op and we can compare FB, T, W, and Striker top of the line home models build quality...we can compare T, W, and Striker top home models and how they stand up to rigourous use but Fireball will have to wait some time to show how their construction stands up over a period of time however, someone who knows something about how T, W, and Striker were made and what issues they had, can look at the choices FB has made and have an accurate picture of how they will stand up over time...this is true of their home models and their coin ops

W and Sriker everyone knew the tables had build issues from the first tournament on and there was no change even after they got feedback...FB on the other hand has had a bunch of tournaments and the feedback has been mostly positive and they don't have any of those same significant build issues that W & S had AND most importantly, they have taken feedback and implemented changes to develop their table and to improve even after its first run

you can objectively measure these things and compare them to Tor the table in the US that has a long history of solid build quality...not perfect for sure and I can document most of their issues and especially those in the last 7 years but still, world wide, Tor has been known as a tough table that can endure a beating which fits their original design it is pretty easy, to make item by item comparisons - leg design, table body design, materials used, how they are put together, the surface, the feet, the bearings, the rods, the bracing under the play surface, the hinges, the wall thickness and surface material used, the score marker systems, the men design intentions and end result, the surface material, the bolts used, the overall weight....all of these things can be judged objectively and a decision made as to what table does it better...and, FB is made better than Tor and far better than S and W...

now, how they play and which play style you like better is opinion

Re: What ever happened to Warrior tables?
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once again BBTUNA has made it loud and clear..............FIREBALL!!....FIREBALL......yeah......FIREBALL!!!

Re: What ever happened to Warrior tables?
« Reply #52 on: April 28, 2014, 01:41:27 AM »
Warrior tables are still alive and kicking.  I plan on buying a warrior table this week. I like the great deal that I found. It'll cost me $507.00 delivered to my door complete with taxes and shipping. I would prefer to have a tornado but can't afford it. At least I'll have a better than average table to play and practice on.  But a tornado table is on my list.