Defensive system for defending opponent's 2 bar?

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Defensive system for defending opponent's 2 bar?
« on: September 22, 2014, 04:17:24 PM »
Hey folks,

In singles, I've almost always defended against an opponent's 2-rod by setting my 5-rod in the middle, having my left hand straddle the 2 back rods, and right hand playing aggressive on forward 3-rod.  I move my goalie and 2-bar man together to fill the hole between my 32-33 or 33-34 depending on whether the opponent has the ball far side or near side. This usually works well against weaker opponents, but with players moving the ball better and shooting better from the 2-bar and incorporating 2-to-5 passing more, I'm finding this less and less effective.

I had been a good shooting goalie in the past, but am also finding that I'm getting shut down (not finding holes as easily) much more by more static defenses that set the back rods to cover the 2-hole and 4-hole of the goal and defend (hands on) only with the forward 3 and 5 rods.

Can someone help me break down this defensive system or how to use it?
(A very open-ended question...)