Practice for catching loose balls?

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Practice for catching loose balls?
« on: September 22, 2014, 03:57:40 PM »
I've been away from the game (and forum) for a few years now.  But with a major tournament being held in my city in less than a month away, I've been pulled back in - temporarily - and need to brush up on my skills.

One place my game has always been deficient has been in grabbing loose balls for a higher possession game.  My primary offense is a pull shot with a complimentary push kick, so I have never forced myself to get proficient at pinning the ball and it's hurt my game since day one.

I've always felt it slightly awkward pinning a loose ball and could never get the timing right, particularly for faster-moving balls, which usually slip under my legs as I lift to catch.

Can anyone suggest:
1. drills and exercises that will help me improve tracking and catching loose balls
2. when to pin loose balls vs. catching by just standing in the ball's way
3. grip or hand positions that help increase mobility to catch balls
4. how high I lift my legs when maneuvering to catch/pin the ball 
5. rod positions in different scenarios that will help improve my chance of catching loose balls
      - e.g. if I have the ball on my 2 rod shooting from the back, should I flip my 5-bar and 3-bar up forwards (feet toward opponent's goal) or backwards (feet towards my goal), at what angle (eg. perfectly horizontal or ...?), pushed all the way against the far wall, and why?
      - e.g. What other player placements when either I have the ball or opponent has the ball?
6. how to increase chances of grabbing loose balls when switching rods (e.g. shooting with the 2-rod then switching to a forward rod to catch a loose ball or rebound)
7. Any other suggestions (or videos!) that might help here....

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