just joined the forum--

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just joined the forum--
« on: October 01, 2015, 01:19:12 PM »
Hello -- new to the forum but not to the sport (or message boards in general). Just thought I would introduce myself.

How I got here?
I was looking for some information about my old tournament soccer table as I have never seen another like it-- not so much the type of table but the ball delivery mechanism has an extended tray that sits outside the table itself. It must be from before the quarter million dollar tables were made as it lacks the table logo. But based on the extended tray (it was a coin op machine but those parts are long since removed), I am not certain what year. I always knew it had to be a minimum mid to early 1970s. I have owned this table since 1988 when I rescued it from a pawn shop in Tampa. Cleaned it up and started playing right away. I always felt kind of lucky getting it as I called around to every place in Tampa looking for a used one that wouldn't break my college budget bank. Went to see the table at the pawn shop and got it for a steal. It was sitting in the back warehouse and covered in dust.

Anyway-- here are a few pictures. I need to take better ones but these are what I have.

table top

packaged up to move from Tampa to Phoenix.

Still haven't set it up here as I don't have the room or the opponents to play. I have considered selling it off to another foos enthusiast who can give it the loving care it requires but it is like selling one of your children at this point. Though I doubt most people would wrap a child in plastic and store them in a garage for a year.

anyway-- just thought I would throw out a

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FYI -- I need to get a better shot of it but you might be able to figure out how the foosball tray extends from the side from this packing picture of the back of the table.

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well a little more searching on google and I figured out that my table is not a tournament soccer table at all-- it is a deutscher meister foosball table, similar to the one below but not in anywhere near as nice shape:

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I would have guessed deutscher meister or a clone.  Pretty popular in the 70's.  If you are in Phoenix, there is a fairly good scene for foosball and they are pretty receptive to new players.  They are mainly Tornado players.  I think they may even have leagues.

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Thanks for the input. I am almost certain this is a DM table. The scoring part was replaced by a friend who used/owned for a short time which might be throwing you off-- plus the lack of any DM labels. Either way-- not an issue. I doubt I would part with it for what people would offer.

Phoenix-- yes- I have been to couple of their events. If I ever get some more time, I plan on getting more involved with the Arizona group

I used this table mostly for fun during college years and then later at my home bar. Not really that much into the party scene these days though (getting old).

Finding a single goalie game elsewhere is pretty rare so my game had to adapt to Tornado style in the late 1980s.I have a similar problem finding horsehair (steel tip) dart boards.
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