Foosball men positions in shuffle defense

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Foosball men positions in shuffle defense
« on: February 19, 2016, 06:57:24 AM »

I am looking for the best positions to place my foosball mens during my shuffle defense. I came up with two ideas and would like to have your opinions about it.

First off the frame conditions. My goal is 20.5 cm. My puppets feet is 2.2 cm.

My approaches:

1. I divide 20.5 by 5 (for all five ball positions) which is 4.1. Every 4.1 cm is the middle a positions. In details this looks like |3|2.2|1.9|2.2|1.9|2.2|1.9|2.2|3| (which sums up to 20.5) where 2.2 is the mens feet position. Here I have 4 mens positions.
1. Every 3.5 cm is a possible position |3.5|2.2|3.5|2.2|3.5|2.2|3.5| (this also sums up to 20.5).  Here I have only 3 shuffle stop positions.


Re: Foosball men positions in shuffle defense
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2017, 10:17:50 AM »
Wow, Over a year of inactivity.....
But anyhow, Just in case someone is interested on an experienced point of view on this topic, here it goes:
There are many strategies, styles and techniques when it comes to Foosball.

Before deciding on YOUR choice of style,technique or strategy you need to understand:

People have different strengths and weaknesses in their body.
Some have more speed and reaction power, others less.
Some see better, some are more relaxed and patient.

That being said, If you see someone having success doing a certain function, that doesn't mean that if you copy it, it will work the same for you. It may work better, may work worse. Depending on you, your body and your practice.

So, If you see the best shuffle defender in the world (Louis Cartwright) having success using this style, you may try to copy, but you also must know his thought process, because there are reasons he is going certain speeds and distances against certain shooters.  Just Shuffling will give you inconsistent results at best, as most shooters will shoot at the outside edge of your shuffle as your leaving that corner.

Goal tending is less physical than mental , yes some shooters have problems reading fast or slow defenses, that is understanding the shooters strengths and weaknesses.

Any defense you pick will still leave holes. its where and when you leave those holes that matter

Think of this in the simplest form:  If a shooter reads the goal in a sh mid long, 1-2-3 fashion, if your rotating your Defense to be in the Sh-Mid-Long holes on that same timing, nothing will look open to him.

rollover shooters also read a certain way (Different among different players of course)
so either they read left right middle, or middle left right, or right middle left get the idea
so if your going to shuffle, or roll or bait, find the order that works best for you or against certain opponents.

as for the distance of separation of your men, for the most part leaving a ball to two ball distance between your men is a good starting point. A good split will get you half the time, but as you learn the shooter, you can adjust the hole and timing.

Most shooters below the Elite level have a favorite thus stronger and more consistent hole they like to shoot when they see it.

Elite players have less difference in their stronger/weaker holes, thus they execute at a higher level.

Whatever you decide on, have a plan, so you can adjust it as you learn the shooter and his strategies.

Random Shuffle is last ditch panic defense.

It may work now and then, but is not a consistent strategy to be employed.