Xmas foosball practice session. Snakes, passing, pulls, kicks Youtube playlist

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Offline Pat

(1) Your push side snake needs to be longer.
(2) The lateral movement on the pull side is too slow.
(3) Your rock needs to be smoother.
(4) You spray on both the push and pull sides.

Your shots and passes are getting much better.  Your wall pass looks real nice.  Remember to practice straight in pull shots, and split pull shots between defenders.   Also try to practice shots against a regular defense and a reverse defense. 

You should probably add some kind of angled pass through the lane.  The old style of pass used a brushing motion to angle to the 3 bar.  Modern passes use a chip angle or a quick brush pass from a hovering motion.  Adding an angled pass to the first plastic player on your 3 bar will add to your passing repertoire.  Its a pretty fun pass anyway.

Some other passes to look into might be a bounce pass, easy and fun,  a pass through the second lane, and what people call brush pass series, which involves hovering over the ball and going one way or the other.  And maybe, if you want, look into shots from the 5 bar.  Usually you will want to pass to the 3 bar but sometimes a 5 bar shot is wide open.
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Thanks for tips Jerrydiday and Pat.
I've been playing around with my snake grip quite a bit, I think I have it to a point where I'm shooting it better, now need to practice it more and get some reps.
Thanks for those tips. I'll shoot some more vids when I get a chance.

I recently started messing around with a brush pass and I'm liking it, I'll get some of that on video.
Good tip on shooting against reverse defense, I'll add that into the practice sessions.
I've also been messing around with some bounce passes and shots from 5bar.