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 :) 44 years later I'm ready to build another custom foosball table! (yes... I'm old...) The table will be used for recreational use (grandkids and neighbors). But I do want the finished product to be at least close to a tournament quality table regarding dimensions and materials.

So, I'm hoping to get some advice regarding playing field dimensions which to my surprised don't seem to be standardized for 'official' tournament play?
I'm trying to determine if I can use the Tornado table/playing field dimensions I've identified with the similar Warrior hardware. I've yet to find all of the necessary Warrior dimensions. Plus the Tornado 3-man goalie tables seem to be the most prevalent in the USA. Or do I need to stay with the Warrior dimensions due to potential incompatible hardware differences, eg, shorter/longer men, different playing field dimensions, etc?

My current plan is to purchase Warrior hardware (including 3-man goalie bar configuration, so flat playing field) for the table given the significant cost savings versus the available Tornado parts. I'd appreciate hearing from players that might have one or both Warrior and/or Tornado tables. Here are the main differences I've identified to date that impact the table design:

Playing field dimensions...
--Warrior 27' x 46.5"
--Tornado 27" x 48"
Goal opening... Warrior opening is 3/16" smaller than Tornado
Plastic men 'leg' length, ie, dimension between mounting pin center to foot bottom
--Tornado = 72mm (I think)
--Warrior =  ? (still need help with this one)
Rod center height above playing field
--Tornado = 3.125"
--Warrior = ?
Rod spacing
--Tornado = 6" CL to CL with 3" between goalie rod CL and end wall
--Warrior = ? Calculates (using 46.5" field length) to be 5.8" CL to CL if the 3" distance between goalie rod CL and end wall is used

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me.

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Re: Need help -- Warrior vs Tornado Playing Field Dimensions / Parts
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2020, 07:26:49 AM »
I built one a few years ago, wanted to model it after the tornado and regretted not designing the side wall holes for tornado bearings. Warrior rods are smaller in diameter than tornado btw. Ill get you some dimensions from a T3000. Give me a little bit.

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Re: Need help -- Warrior vs Tornado Playing Field Dimensions / Parts
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2020, 09:38:04 AM »
T3000 Home Model Dimensions:

Play field: 47-1/8 x 26-7/8
Goal: 8 x 3-1/8 filleted top corners
Rod diameter: 0.622-0.625 - varied depending on rod/location of measurement (dial caliper)
Rod center to bottom of foot: 2.870 (dial caliper)
Rod center to play field: 3.020 (dial caliper)
Rod Spacing: 5.875 OC between rods, 3.000 Rod center to goal wall
Bearing Hole: 3 holes on a horizontal plane - Center Hole Diameter 1.357 THRU, two outside holes (to prevent bearing from rotating) Diameter 0.182, Depth 0.2, 1.742 from center of small hole to center of small hole (so 0.871 from large center hole to small outside hole)
Wall Thickness: 1.592

I highly recommend buying Tornado bearings and bumpers for your build but I understand if you dont want to buy the rods and men due to cost. You might want to look for an old lower model tornado to pull the rods and guys for your build. If you need more dims just post here and ill get them for you. I also have a set of fireball rods/men/handles/bumpers and may consider selling (pinned men, not bolted).
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