RP Competition 71 Spacing Questions

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RP Competition 71 Spacing Questions
« on: August 06, 2020, 11:43:02 AM »
For the past two months I have been rebuilding a RP foosball table.  I am currently putting the men back on the rods.
There was damage to the men furthest from the handle.  The bolts that secure the inner rod must not be original as they were not metric and stuck out too far.  When the men were pressed to the dar wall they made contact with the ends of the bolts.  I have picked up shorter bolts and will install them.  Before I realized they were not original I moved all the players down the rod keeping them the same distance apart, just down half an inch.  It dis not seem to like up quite right.  The 3 man rod was slightly off center.  The closest player slightly missed the goal and the far player lined up just inside the goal.
My question is, does anyone have numbers for proper spacing for this table?  I made a jig based on the layout when I received the table and plan on reinstalling with the original spacing after I change out the bolts.
That brings me to my second question.  How can I  clean out the rods?  After cleaning and removing the rust from the internal rod I put them back together.  After a few days they were not turning as smoothly as when I first put them together.  They started rusting again.  I just removed the roll pin under one of the handles hoping I could remove the plug at the end and clean it out.  No luck it looks like there is a real small weld keeping it in place.  I was able to get the spring out and it was packed with sludge.  I'm thinking old grease.  Any suggestions for getting the inside of the rod clean before I put everything back together?
 The unpainted player is a picture of the damage done bu the longer bolts.  The picture of the player installed on the table shows the long bolts and the player moved down the rod to clear the bolts.  The picture of the rod off the table is the player moved back to the position I found it in.  The last picture is the table after I repainted the legs, removed the red and white paint from the cabinet, sanded it and poly'd it and stripped the green paint from the playfield.  I had never played on a table like this until now.  I had the first team on it this past week and received a few cork balls in the mail and it is a lot of fun.  I just clear coated the second team this morning and cant wait for our first game.  Thank you in advance for any advice or information you can send my way.