Free Foosball eBook Available until Wed. 21st of October 11:59 PM PST

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The book should be available at all Amazon Kindle sellers not just in America.

You can also search Amazon for the title, "Anatomy of a Pull Shot", or the author,  "Jerry DiDay".

The eBook will be available for free until Wednesday, October 21, at 11:59 pm.

It is a book about training your pull shot, making it faster, more accurate, with greater focus.  It has sections on playing offense using a pull shot, and on playing defense against a pull shot.  It does not show you how to make a pull shot.  Basically, you use the pull shot that you already have and make it faster, more accurate, etc.  The book teaches conditioning and eye-hand coordination.  Making an ultimate pull shot does not require that you strain your muscles or endanger your health.  The better you condition yourself, the better you train your eye-hand coordination, the better your pull shot will be.   Anyway, check it out, it's free.   Stay safe.  There should be a vaccine soon.