Illegal or no? (video link)

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Illegal or no? (video link)
« on: October 07, 2020, 11:46:29 PM »
I was on yellow and did hit the wall kinda hard as it was in my 5 bar zone.  Then I poked at came off black 5 bar back to me.  After I drew it over for a 5 bar poke of a shot and scored.

The other player was really mad but Im dont think I did anything wrong.  I didnt hit the wall when it was in his zone, I was being aggressive to try and gain control.  You cant really 'reset' when you have the ball.  Distraction at best...?
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Re: Illegal or no? (video link)
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I'm going to say yes it's legal good shot.

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Re: Illegal or no? (video link)
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Didn't look like a jar to me.