Results for the Columbus City $2000 Payout Championships.

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Results for the Columbus City $2000 Payout Championships.
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For more on the Tournament and some great video and pictures see .

2021 Columbus City Foosball Championships, Goalie War Results

26 players

1st Rick Pomeroy (king seat)
2nd Mark Vennitti
3rd Dave Rogers
4th Paul Reynolds
5th Judy Schober
6th Jake Barnett

Finals match wasn't played as we ran out of time. Order of finish is based on player's position at 2am.

Congratulations on an amazing run through the Winner's Bracket for Rick Pomeroy. Mark Vennitti lost early and won 8 matches in the Loser's Bracket to get back to the Finals. Big props to all the players finishing in the money, 4 from Columbus.

2021 Columbus City Foosball Championships, Open Singles Results

34 Players

1st Jake Barnett
2nd John Bennett
3rd Drew Dixon
4th Rick Pomeroy
5th Steve Cobian
6th Mark Vennitti
7th Tim Litteral
8th Pat Myers

The final three places are based on the player's position on the charts at 2AM, when the bar said that was it.

In a wide open field of 34 singles players, it was Canadian Jake Barnett coming through huge with a victory. Jake also won the Highest Placing Amateur. Congratulations to John Bennett and Drew Dixon, who were both still in when time ran out on us. A highly competitive Open Singles tournament!

2021 Columbus City Championships, Open Doubles Results

25 Teams

1st Steve Beine and Brian Tankersley (king seat)

2nd Derek Brown and Wayne Patrick

3rd Mark Vennitti and Gary Chirhart

4th Dave McBlane and Judy Schober

5/6th Jerry Schroeppel and Brannee Schroeppel

5/6th John Bennett and Randy Knapp

7/8th Dennis Claroni and Mike Pascarella

7/8th Carl Thompson and Brett Ramey

Due to the loss of time, the final standings of the Top 5 are based on the team's chart position at 2am. That's as far as we could get played out.

It was a large field of teams, but nobody was able to knock off the favorites in Open Doubles. Congratulations to Steve and Brian on the win! Predominantly Ohio players in all the results of Open Doubles. They must play alot of doubles in Ohio. :)

Highest Placing Amateur Team was a split between Jerry & Brannee Schroeppel and Dave McBlane and Judy Schober. This was the last match that couldn't beat the clock.