How to get ball off sidewall (no side strips); and 3-men bars in wrong places

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Hey there. I recently bought a used Tornado Cyclone II, which is even more awesome than our Tornado Sport (just sold) was. The Cyclone came without the playfield strips on the sides though. The seller told me that good players sometimes remove those for a truer bounce off the wall for some shots.

Makes sense, but we're not at that level yet, and in fact we have difficulty getting the ball off the wall unless we "bump" the opposite wall. We can do it, but it slows the game down for us.

Is there a quick technique for getting the ball off the wall?

Oh while I'm asking, another small flaw in the table is that the person who assembled it put the 3-men bars in the wrong places. The wider-spaced men are the forwards, and the narrower-spaced men are the goalies. I know how to swap the bars back, but do you think that was just an assembly mistake, or is there a reason why someone might assemble a table that way intentionally? It makes setting up a pull shot more difficult.

Congrats on table upgrade!

Side strips:   Does the table now have the flat clear strips or nothing?  The white strips are often replaced with the clear which are standard on coin-op model.  If you have no side strips at all I would get the clear so at least it would be consistent and  match commercial table.  *Getting ball off of wall just takes  practice...               lightly bumping ball with side of man.

As for the rods most likely was not intentional and I would put them in correct position.

Thanks a lot, bolt115. No strips at all, so I will get the clear ones.

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Order clear strips. They are less than $20 and easy to install.